Take that, Steve.


72 Responses to “HA.”

  1. Mark Overy Says:

    Good post. I live in the UK and to me homeopathy is our own version of creationism.
    It makes me embarrassed to be British – as does the royal family btw.

    I had to deal with a co-worker who was spitting out the “but my dad took it and it worked” line, I considered going into the fallacy of personal testimony and the effects of placebo with him but decided to drop it – I might as well explain quantum mechanics to a chimp than to try and alter the beliefs of a die-hard believer. (this guys doesn’t believe in evolution by the way – and this is the UK) He is the first evolution denier I have met in 24 years of life – wow!

  2. Jordan Says:


    You should actually do this, though… it’s awesome!

  3. Barry Says:

    Yeah! Take that!

  4. Øyvind Says:


    Oh, and FP!

  5. Ben Says:

    I am offended by this site. When the doctors couldn’t cure my fatigue, nausea, and achyness, crap based medicine was all that was left for me!

  6. Flavin Says:

    So, is this medicine about crap or medicine using crap?

  7. Michael Says:


  8. Krivin Says:

    Ah, fecal-based medicine, truly, a wonder of our modern society.

  9. Matt Says:

    Skeptic’s (Skeptics’ ?) Guide, please never stop. This is seriously the best part of my week in grad school.

  10. mike Says:

    That’ll show ’em

  11. George Q. Gooseberry Says:

    I don’t advocate the use of crap to cure any ill, but if conventional medicine has failed, what has the patient to lose?

  12. Toph Says:

    Crap-Based Medicine is SO much more holistic and natural than EVIL SCIENCE.

  13. Lonnie Says:

    I knew it. It is well documented that Steve, and every MD on the planet, is in the pocket of big Pharma. When will america open their eyes?

    By the way, whatever happened to “Witty and Weighty” as the SGU slogan…

  14. JohnF Says:

    Yeah, take that Steve.

  15. Curnir Says:

    Nice one.

  16. Danny Schade Says:

    Yes, take that. Although, this could turn out to be a cool Quack-Watch-type resource site for bogus and bullshit medicine. I’d be happy to help contribute.

  17. cmflyer Says:

    Wait, isn’t this what happens when the doctor asks for a stool sample?

  18. Phil Says:

    Awesome! Finally a blog for homeopathy, acupunture, and the like.

  19. A Says:

    Thanks for this fantastic, informative blog, I check it daily, and can’t go without my daily crap-based medicine fix! The title says it all!

  20. RichardFineMan Says:

    OH YEAH!

  21. Krizzi Says:

    Man, Steve just got served!

  22. Jake Says:

    So basically, this blog is about homeopathy? Because according to the law of infinitessimals, the water from the toilet I just flushed will soon be incredibly diluted into all of the world’s oceans, thus turning everyone’s next glass of water from the tap into a re-enactment of 2girls1cup.

  23. RMPink Says:

    H’awesome. Great show this week!

  24. wallet55 Says:

    What do you have to lose? Money, precious time, and diversion away from any possible real help.

    I work in a cancer center, and while there was in the past (and often still, sadly) some times tolerance for quack cures for those beyond our help, many caregivers have come to understand that passive tolerance for crap based medicine eventually creates a dynamic and critical mass of stupidity that eventually comes to hurt patients who could be helped, were it not for the distractions and confusion that the woo woo people create.

    Ignorance kills. This fact should energize everyone with a brain and the ability to use it.

  25. emerson999 Says:

    Oh man, please keep the ball rolling on this one. There’s so much room for satire in this concept.

  26. Steven Novella Says:

    I would just like to point out that “Ha”, as you so eloquently put it, is the logical fallacy known as the argument from “Oh, Yeah!”, or more formally the argumentum ad Jayfuss

  27. Trent Says:

    Hey I think there may actually be a Crap Based Medicine! I’ve only just listened to the Quackcast episode on Probiotics, and the good doctor mentioned a medical procedure to replenish the Bacteria in the gut by using a feeding to tube to add liquified faeces from a healthy family member!

  28. Bloodline Says:

    Take that, silly skeptics. Believing in science… puhlease.

  29. Chris Noble Says:

    Take this,
    Fecal transplants to cure Clostridium difficile infection

    Finally a use for the Discovery Institute!

  30. David Nielsen Says:

    Homeapathy works.. it cured my thirst and dry throat like that.. crap based my ass 🙂

  31. alvin raj Says:


  32. RJ Says:

    Now go to CafePress.com and get that arranged so we can buy our lapel buttons (“I’m full of Crap-Based Medicine”), bumper stickers (“This car runs on Crap-Based Medicine”) and RW signature fanny packs (“This bag contains Crap-Based Medicine”).

  33. The Real FiLo Says:

    so I just heard about your new blog on the latest Skeptics Guide #132 – so I just HAD to check it out and say hello, before I foget. I hope you post here regularly- if not let me know your main blog site and I will subscribe there. I have been listening to Skeptics Guide for a while now, I forget what my first episode was, and I really enjoy your show. I cried a little too, when I found out Will Smith was a Scientologist. Anyway I look forward to hearing and reading more. Thanks.

  34. paul fcd Says:

    Excellent post. Now if only we could get rid of all the skeptical trolls.

  35. Matt F-Hart Says:


    Keep up the good work!

  36. Debt Prisoner Says:

    For more Crap Based “Medicine”, check out my Chiropractic Student Debt Blog.

    Chiropractors like to say they are “evidence based”. Don’t believe it because there is NO evidence for chiropractic. There may be SOME evidence for spinal manipulation for SOME low back pain, but manipulation is not exclusively chiropractic — it can be done by MDs, PTs, and DOs who are REALLY evidence based (and actually know how to diagnosis!!)

    Chiropractic = The Flagship of Crap Based Medicine

  37. Nandes Says:

    epic win.

  38. Arteest Says:

    Monkeys at the zoo must be dispensing crap based meds.
    “Aw Mom, I don’t want it. It tastes yucky!”

  39. Damon Says:

    You are awesome Rebecca!

  40. Novah Says:

    I can’t remember who said it, but the joke from SGU I always love to quote is:

    Q: What do you call alternative medicine that actually works?

    A: Medicine : )

  41. irishjazz Says:

    I am just piling on the clever idea.

    I am somewhat concerned that this may cause confusion among legitimate practitioners of crap-based medicine. As noted above, Fecalopathy has a rich, steaming tradition in many parts of our benighted planet.

  42. Dick Says:


  43. Kristy Says:

    I prefer to call it Turd-Based since I’m a Texan and all.

  44. Thom Gilligan Says:

    Awesome Rebecca, I’d be glad to blog for you if you decide to go ahead with this.

  45. Pikatron Says:

    Ex-cellent, Rebecca, this should be interesting!

  46. Phil Says:

    Steven, I’d love to hear you work into the next “Name that Logical Fallacy” the Argumentum ad Jayfuss. Let the hilarity ensue.

  47. Michael Sctson Says:



  48. Doug Says:

    Awesome as always, Rebecca. I’ll be surprised if this blog really goes anywhere – I’m pretty sure it was just a one-time joke, and you seem to have a lot on your plate these days – but at the very least make “Crap-Based Medicine” a category on your Skepchick blog.

  49. Mooky Says:

    Oh thank you for starting this blog. Crap-Based Medicine will save the world, once the lies spewed by the government and big “Science” are finally revealed. Long live reality alternatives!

  50. Peter Says:

    Crap-based medicine is a very accurate term. Especially for homeopathy – given that a homeopathic remedy contains more molecules of actual human crap than the active ingredient on the label.

  51. mrsepp Says:

    brilliant 🙂

  52. David Amulet Says:

    I just caught up on the SGU podcast and heard the reference to this stunning blog-o-rific creation.

    Kudos, Rebecca! I’d love to see more posts … in ALL of your free time, of course … Or maybe I’ll compete and start up a brilliant “Medicine Schmedicine” site.

    — david

  53. EdSG Says:


    I expected nothing less from you all 😀

  54. Nobody Says:
  55. Nobody Says:


  56. eatmorecookies Says:

    Very funny Rebecca. I’m listening to #132 right now and you just announced this hot new blog on crap-based medicine. Technology rules!

    Speaking of CBM, I teach Intro Bio at Oklahoma State University. On their first exam this semester, I wrote a series of questions about those disgusting Kinoki Foot Pads. For one question, I presented a graph comparing serum mercury concentrations before and after treatment with the Kinoki Pads and with a simple cotton pad (control). For both treatment and control, I illustrated that mercury levels were much lower at the end of the trial.

    More than 2/3 of our students (n = 600) concluded that the Kinoki Foot Pads caused mercury levels to decrease – they completely ignored the fact that the control group showed the identical effect!

    We’ve got a lot of work to do in the realm of CBM. . .

  57. Zi11ion Says:

    This video depicts a tribe of people that utilizes crap-based medicine… it also depicts mind-control over stuffed dead animals, man-boobs, and Dragonforce. http://youtube.com/watch?v=tb23eu8Y0vY

  58. The Good Emu Says:

    I am supposed to be finishing a paper right now, so forgive me for not going too in-depth right now, but I thought you may want to look up Ayurvedic medicine– a TRULY crap-based medicine, as it utilizes animal dung as part of its… crap.

    This is the first one I got with google:

    Please, please look into this further, as it may be one of the most important contributions to in crap-based medicine.

    PS…thank you to Rebecca and everyone on the SGU podcast!!!

  59. Adrian Hall Says:

    yeah Steve! take that. even Rebecca can use the interweb!!!

  60. Stephanie in Louisville Says:

    This is why I never drink water, I always suspected it was bad for you.

  61. distarterops Says:


  62. Dr* T Says:

    Haaahhaaaaa – Excellent. I’m recouperating after surgery at the mo and somebody reckoned I should start listening to the SGU podcasts and I’ve just listened to this one from Jan 08.

    You have made my recouperation considerably more enjoyable 🙂


  63. dgf Says:

    you mean suck it

  64. Erich Says:

    take this:

    :. ::|:: .:
    :|:. .::|::. .:|:
    ::|:. :::|::: .:|:;
    `::|:. :::|::: .:|::’
    ::|::. :::|::: .::|:;
    `::|::. :::|::: .::|::’
    :::|::. :::|::: .::|::;
    `:::|::. :::|::: .::|::;’
    `::. `:::|::. :::|::: .::|::;’ .:;’
    `:::.. ¹::|::. :::|::: .::|::¹ ..::;’
    `:::::. ‘:|::. :::|::: .::|:’ ,::::;’
    `:::::. ‘:|:::::|:::::|:’ :::::;’
    .:;” ::: “::.

    it’ll cure what’s ailin’ ya

  65. Erich Says:

    fuck stick

  66. Scott Says:

    catching up to old episodes… I was kinda shocked this blog would still be alive… perhaps it’s all thanks to homoeopathy – or perhaps shock-therapy… get it? 😉

    Say, crap based medicine… should that also include scat?

  67. The Rogues Gallery » Blog Archive » Crap-Based Medicine Says:

    […] poke at Steven Novella (and company’s) newly-launched Science-Based Medicine. Have a look at the original post by “Dr Sexy”on CBM. For a little while there, this blog was seeing some rather impressive traffic (118 replies […]

  68. Jeff Norton ND Says:

    It’s fucksticks like you that actually need natural medicine. Thank Christ we have wankers that shoot their mouths off online like you dude, how else can the (legal) drug lords make a fukin’ living bro?

    Keep up the good work

  69. Best Exercises For The Chest Says:

    Best Exercises For The Chest…

    […]HA. « Crap-Based Medicine[…]…

  70. inked hottie Says:

    Beautiful hot inked girls

  71. required Says:


  72. required Says:

    i am a time traveller, really apreciate this blog this blog still being up up. enjoying the showp. enj.npr

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