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My Cup Doth Runneth Over

February 25, 2008

Eureka! and congratulations are in order, as I have discovered a new panacea, as I am busily crafting my latest treatise, I have temporarily entitled it ‘One Girl, One Cup’. Catchy title, dont you think?


Light Eating

February 19, 2008

So many have said to me “Good Doctor Sir, recommend the best diet.”  My decades of reserach into nutrition has yielded The Perfect Diet

Tea And Crumpets

February 14, 2008

My esteemed colleagues, please read my most recent white paper entitled  “I Just Shit My Pants” as it explores the latest trends in colon cleansing and chocolate milk enemas. 

The Doctor Is ‘In’

February 14, 2008

Many thanks to the cheeky lass that has developed the perfect home for a blog of my quality and station.

Now I shall inject that grey, oozy organ between your ears with my warm pearls of wisdom – Read this fine treatise on the benefits of coffee enemas.

We are all Heath Ledger.

February 14, 2008

Bill Maher says prescription drugs are evil because beloved Hollywood hunks can OD on them, so we should all just take “natural” remedies like tulip petals and bark. I agree. And do you know what else is all-natural?


Breaking news on homeopathy!

February 7, 2008

This hot news item just came in on the wire, concerning homeopathy: (more…)