Breaking news on homeopathy!


This hot news item just came in on the wire, concerning homeopathy:

It’s still based on crap. Doesn’t work.


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65 Responses to “Breaking news on homeopathy!”

  1. Rhys Says:

    But for why?!!

  2. Doug Says:

    Great post!

  3. Indarys Says:

    Hear hear!!

  4. Rune from Oslo Says:

    Slighly altered from this

    I’d say homeopathy is a load of crap, but it would be more accurate to say that homeopathy is load of crap diluted in water until there may or may not actually be any crap present in the dose.

  5. hypertrout Says:

    if you doubt the effect the “poo molecule” may have have in your continued health and well-ness… then I say try it. try it for one week and if you don’t feel better than you and your beliefs are wrong. it’s good enough for oPrah and Tom cruise. they have had positive results with “poo smears” and now I hear they are actually injecting their own poo directly back into their own colons. Can you really not see(smell)the benefits of this?

  6. waltdakind Says:

    But the water “remembers” the crap, and if it is used to treat a condition caused by crap — like being full of crap. The law of similars tells us that a homeopathic preparation of crap could be an effective treatment for being full of crap.

  7. Blue River Says:

    if homeopathic remedy’s are no different to a placebo or are “a load of crap” as you all suggest and they actually work then i’d still rather take a load of crap than any “science medicine” drug. i can’t wait till i’m really old when it will be easy to distinguish between the sceptics and the believers. The sceptics will be the ones hobbling down the streets with their zimmerframes popping 20 pills prescribed by their “science medicine” doctors, each one prescribed to relieve the symptoms that the other created.

  8. Jase Says:

    Damn! I’m sick of all those CAM/quack based “doctors” telling me not to smoke and drink so much!!!!!!

    Lots of skeptic love to R.W. from Aus…

  9. Dr. Phil McGraw Says:

    you can drink all the homopathic booze you want and not get drunk, Rebecca. 0 proof

  10. Danny Schade Says:

    I don’t know… I heard from a guy who’s brother’s friend got over a headache after “conventional” medicine hadn’t worked for over 10 minutes… he took a homeopathic pill and started feeling better about 15 minutes later. That’s evidence you can’t ignore….

    hee hee hee hee hee

  11. skidoo Says:

    I always thought a homeopathic remedy was special medicine for gay people. Huh. Learn something new every day.

  12. douchebag moron Says:

    hey you, yeah you, how do you know that its based on crap, its not like u know any doctors or have met anyone from JREF…… im gona go over here and drink come coolaid…… hmmmmmm tastes like lies

  13. Vitamin Says:

    I can see the new TV commercial now..

    HARD ON – Apply directly to your willie
    HARD ON – Apply directly to your willie
    HARD ON – Apply directly to your willie
    HARD ON – Apply directly to your willie

  14. Hotstonez Says:

    homeopathy based colonic irrigation. It’s a match made in Heaven!

  15. Cantankerous Old Coot Says:

    You whippersnappers ought to be countin’ your lucky stars that you have your homeomonopolies why back in my day when you got sick all the doctor would give us was water and we were damn grateful for it but now all you high falootin’ scientists have to have a basis for medicine like it’s not good enough to have the family remedy passed down from my great great grandpappy back when men were men and crap was for apoopin’ and what’s more we had to walk to school 5 miles through the snow uphill both ways why you youngin’s wouldn’t last 5 minutes on the old farm we’d be up at 5 in the morning to feed the cows and all you do is sit around in front of your fancy counting machines with your facetubes and your youbooks why you can’t just be satisfied with a hoop and stick like in the old country I’ll never understand and what time is it I’m hungry where’s dinner

  16. AccuJimmy Says:

    I’m too drunk to figure out how to digg this… where is the link Becky????!!! 🙂

  17. Jake Says:

    No no, McGraw, you obviously don’t understand homeopathy at all. Tsk, tsk, how can you call yourself a doctor if you refuse to accept the MOUNTAINS of anecdotal evidence in the Journal of True Believers? As any homeopath knows, the more you dilute something, the stronger it gets. That’s why I have to hide my bottles of Dasani under the bed so I won’t get in trouble for having it in my dorm room. Cause, I mean, at some point in the history of water, some of those molecules MUST have come in contact with a molecule or two of alcohol, and now they’ve remembered it and passed the memory on to the other molecules, making that the most potent drunkenness-inducing substance on the face of the earth!

  18. Brianimator Says:

    Aren’t we always advised that less is more? So in the case of homeopathy I guess that means nothing is everything.

  19. Skelliot Says:

    Prettttttttty sure that my blog is better….sorry Rebecca 😛

  20. Lone Wolf Says:

    Crap isn’t a strong enough word, it needs sentence.
    Homeopathy is a complete, 150% steaming pile of bull shit.

  21. A really smart doctor Says:

    Rebecca, it’s not like you to quote out of context. I believe the story you’re referring to said that homeopathy doesn’t work by itself, but when coupled with acupuncture and chiropractic meta-studies suggest otherwise.

  22. Season Says:

    I lurve Rebecca. She reminds me of someone…what do you get when you spell ‘chi’ backward? Crap.

  23. J Says:

    Silly skeptics, so funny.

  24. Jay Says:

    Those are some deep thoughts rebeccy 🙂

  25. Arngrímur Says:

    I’m a 25 yo law student, skeptic and atheist from Reykjavík, Iceland. Rebecca is the hottest, sexiest girl I’ve ever seen. Love the show, keep it up! – AE.

  26. Sven Says:

    “I’d say homeopathy is a load of crap, but it would be more accurate to say that homeopathy is load of crap diluted in water until there may or may not actually be any crap present in the dose”

    I’d say it’s a load of water diluted in crap until there may or may not actually be any of the original water left in the dose.

  27. Hubbub Says:

    I’m gonna digg this blog like it’s hot.

  28. L Ron Hubbard Says:

    I hope her next post is about my book.

  29. DavidCT Says:

    Let’s see now. If you take enough of the poo-remedy (like gallons) you will flush away the Poo and be cured of excess crap. If you take the pill form all you get is more crap. How can this be if they are both diluted crap. I can’t understand this crap – it must be the quantum mechanics.

  30. rustyspork Says:

    This blog is amazing. It has really help me get over my crap-based ailments.

  31. paul fcd Says:

    Wind-breaking news on homeopathy would have been my title.

  32. Chris Noble Says:

    What does Rebecca have against piss based medicine anyway?

  33. Arteest Says:

    I beg to differ.
    I find that the less homeopathy I do, the better I feel.
    So it must work.

  34. Goatman Says:


  35. Hoonser Says:

    This is the worst blog I’ve ever seen.
    If you’re not gonna put any effort into it then don’t go pimping it on your show.

  36. Zi11ion Says:

    Homeopathy works…on the quantum level..when you’re not looking. If you examine it then it won’t work!

  37. Pikatron Says:

    As one of my classical Latin instructors said, “Crappus Maximus!”

  38. paul fcd Says:

    I think there was some effort put into it.

    It’s just been sussurated, and now is the greatest blog ever.

    No effort put in = greatest blog you’ve ever seen!


  39. quarsan Says:

    homeopathy for pets, seen on BBC News this morning:

    Animal therapy
    Alternative medicine for pets is becoming increasingly popular but the British Veterinary Association is warning that without referral from a vet such treatments can actually harm animals rather than heal them

    The clip showed massage ‘which can cure broken bones’ dowsing as a diagnosis tool etc.

  40. Stephanie in Louisville Says:

    I completely disagree with the person who doesn’t like this blog because he thinks no effort was put into it. It is obvious that this is a homeopathic blog. Less is more. The blog is able to retain the memory of the words that are not here. You just have to believe.

  41. SaraS-P Says:

    (Gasp!) No way!

  42. Lee Says:

    Jeez, after all that research the homeopaths are gonna have one helluva time refuting your points.

  43. Dick Says:

    Liez! All liez!

  44. Geekoid Says:

    Blue River – and all the believers will be dead.

    Hoonser – Lighten up Francis.

    Very funny Rebbecca. It’s good to have a laugh once in a while.

  45. Dr. Quack Says:

    Homeopathy does work! As long as Americans spent $50bn/year on quack doctors, their assistants, worthless medicine, etc. they support a plethora of idiots making a good living that would otherwise not have a job.

    The effectivness of health and cure in homeopathy may be a bit wacky, but the money making part definately makes up for that. It’s all good and helps the economy!

  46. Lynn Says:

    6 months ago I had 2 back to back UTIs I was on strong antibiotics for 1 whole month and yes the infection went away but it scarred my eurethra. Back to the Doc I went only to be put on more antibiotics for another 3 months. I still felt the same. I was referred to a Urologist who put me on more antibiotics and then prescribes another drug to help relax my eurethral muscles …and when i go to the pharmacist he looks at me and says why did this Doc prescribe prostate medicines when you are a female…heck if I know he’s the one with the MD behind his name right? I didn’t fill the prescription but instead went to a Naturopath Dr. she gave me homepathy medicine and it’s been 3 days and symptoms are gone. Enough said.

  47. Scotty B Says:

    Diluting down the argument like that makes it all the more powerful!

  48. Rune from Oslo Says:

    Lynn Says:
    February 15, 2008 at 3:04 pm

    So, you took a medicine with unpleasant side effects, stopped using it, replaced it with water and the side effects went away……

    Must be magic water.

  49. Blue River Says:

    Lynn, Colloidal Silver is great for UTI’s and conjunctivitis.

  50. CleveDan Says:

    i heard 6 stories that homeopathy works……that means it does. germ theory my ass!!!:)

    hey deuchebag moron.!! Is your real name casey luskin

  51. George Q. Gooseberry Says:

    Sure it’s based on crap… but it’s really GOOD crap.

  52. Dan gbh Says:

    @ Blue River: Colloidal Silver is good for precisely sod all except for turning you a really scary colour for the rest of your life.

    As medicine goes, it is crap based for sure.

  53. Judie Says:

    We have used it for 15-20 years and found that once we took the time to work with practitioners and learn about the medicines, nothing has worked like homeopathic medicine. It did take a little time to get past the thinking I had grown up with, though.

  54. Rebecca Says:

    That’s true, Judie, nothing DOES work like homeopathic medicine. In fact, Nothing works EXACTLY like homeopathic medicine. And it’s cheaper, too.

  55. Homeopathy… « Skepticism, For Beginners. Says:

    […] my brief and undetailed analysis of homeopathy. For further information, you can find all you need here. P.S. I got a lot of my homeopathy-related knowledge from Skeptoid, thanks again to Brian Dunning. […]

  56. Ryan Says:

    So based on how homeopathy is suppose to work wouldn’t all the water we drink “remember” the crap that has been in it and filtered out through the sanitation process. So all the water used in homeopathy would then be full of crap “memories” of billions of people. By this definition I think it’s safe to same homeopathic remedies are loaded with crap.

  57. Nihilodei Says:

    Not that i like anecdotes… so i wont enter here..

    so you guys dont go to real doctors… thats fine by me… that means you will probably not know when and why you are about to get very sick and maybe die.. At that point when you feel really sick and probably need an operation… see a nature doctor.. a few pins in your ass, a rub of your back and a bite of echinacea and you will be on your way.

    Save us a lot of food and medical cost we can spread around the community.. for goodness sake… if half of americans saw nature doctors alone the other half could get government supplied medicine.

    Oh how they would suffer for not having a bit of QI or homeopathy

  58. Nihilodei Says:

    Of course trauma victims. Heart attack and stroke victims are gravely ill at the time of presentation. There are a few bugs that have taken delight to us over the years. There are some incredibly agressive tumours. The mind actually boggles in the way that one can die.

    Are you guys really suggesting that “Big Pharma” and the medical system actually play a part in bumping people off? I would suggest that if someone is sick enough to see a doctor the are not well enough to see the nature fraternity.

    Why is it that people have so little faith in the natural medicines that they actually see real doctors when something is wrong and then listen to the unverified twitter of natural modalities?

    The premise is correct, people like a chat with somebody… but they hedge their bets with modern medicine. Not even a naturopathic practitioner would support a controlled study of a particulary nasty disease for fear that they are ineffective and they will result in the entire test pool (placebo and patients) going on to bigger and better events.

    But if you read the scientific literature this is exactly what is being done and if there is a clear win they can move on with the placebo group.

    There is one hell of a lot of literature with lots of numbers in the studies. The amount of literature is astoundingly huge.. warts and all (I add this because its easy to spot warts in the literature.. ie the necrotic fangs of the brown recluse and white tail mercilessly reported and sometimes amasingly in the nurses associations journals).

    The complementary literature is really failing to produce reliable, repeatable and subsequently verifiable results. These are generally done in very low ranked journals. Even just one study of a pain period reduction of a painful scorpion sting by acupuncture would be nice!!!

    This is not to say your local medical practitioner may have some odd idea or two. We all have those odd ideas. Just how often are antibiotics perscribed for viral conditions…just in case you get a bacterial infection.. Thats very poor science and medicine has been aware of it for at least 3-4 decades. Some used to think that vitamin B12 shots were a panacea for viral conditions (both instances i think is on the decrease).

    So my request to the nature boys is;
    1) show your fundamental science or stop yammering about it.
    2) prove this fundamental science with reliable and reviewable measurements or stop yammering about it.
    3) show how this science works through your technique or stop yammering about it.
    4) Justify each technique you use based on your science or stop yammering about it.
    5) conduct patient trials.
    6) apply only those techniques/medicines that meet with 5) and withdraw all others.

    Its what is asked of science… most of the time.. I can assure you that lithium would never have gotten in todays market. The history of lithium is astounding.

    Acupuncture purports 3000 years of medicinal value.. we do not see a scientific year of any results.

    Q.I./ therapeutic touch has not even passed the giggle test and made it past reactionist comments. Is it a case of “I reiki in the money?”

    PS there are/were sites for natural lithium. yep somebody is/was making a buck doing that. I would never advice someone to take an unkown dose of ore body to relieve their distress. Nor would i advise somebody not to see a doctor and just get the ineffective st Johns wort.. Its a recipe for emotional disaster

  59. Nihilodei Says:

    Hmm.. I am posting too much… colloidal silver cannot work otherwise it would be used up in the guy flora.

    The UTI issue is something else.. there are different types of UTI some are amasingly resilient and antibiotic treatment may not be the key to cure (although in the overwhelming number of cases it is).

    The cranberry path is hardly supported by literature (very small populations and in vitro evaluation. I hardly would hedge my bets on that.

    The homeopathic path doesnt make sense at all because the practitioner has no idea how or if it works. But having said that.. she will get better anyway.

    I think the guys on SGU made a good point… you can present with an illness and most likely you will be cured within a week or two. I think this was the case of the amasing recurring UTI.

    PS my daughter has an amasing recurring UTI. The doctors dont do much at all but monitor her very closely. NOW that is natural medicine at its best. It goes away relatively quickly and nobody has piped up with a weirdo theory.

  60. Nihilodei Says:

    I meant gut flora…

  61. JLewis Says:

    (Danny Schade Says:

    February 8, 2008 at 9:39 pm
    I don’t know… I heard from a guy who’s brother’s friend got over a headache after “conventional” medicine hadn’t worked for over 10 minutes… he took a homeopathic pill and started feeling better about 15 minutes later. That’s evidence you can’t ignore….)

    dehidration can cause headaches and medicines without rehydration means still headache but homopothy is wat there fore rehydrates cause its just water nothing else hehe so funny.

    Most headaches are from dehydration via drinking to much caffinated beverages can and will dehydrate you even booze.

    homopathy cures dehydration only!!!

  62. Ralph Says:

    It is amazing that in this day and age, consumer protection groups can have dangerous childrens toys or furniture recalled or close up a tattoo parlor or an X rated bar, or stop a gypsy cab driver or halt dangerous construction and many other incidents of consumer protection but yet allow so-called alt-med practitioners to operate in our towns and cities, many with fake or mail-order credentials and practicing medicine without a license, A kid cannot buy booze or cigarettes but can go to a healthstore and buy kava, St. johnswort and many other mind-altering drugs, thats right, these are drugs, so is gingko ginseng and other similar junk because they have mind altering or medicinal properties, without full disclosure of the side effects. Go to medline or read the herbal PDR for the side effects of these quacky herbs.
    So called homeopaths, iridologists, many chiropractors, energy healers, intuitives, etc.. are all fakes scammers and cultists and have a license to steal. just by being allowed to operate, Many throw in a healthy dose of bible-thumping, which accompanies many of the false claims and appeals to the “Rubes” who are not smart enough to know that this stuff is mostly bogus.
    Are you aware that the office of CAM at the NIH spent 2and one half billion in the last 10 years to test all this stuff, Guess what? Its all fake and worthless, echinacea, magnets therapeutic touch and most of the wonder supplements, The only thing that showed some efficacy was accupuncture and much of that is dubious.
    Your tax money has been wasted. You still have people giving enemas, de-tox, lymph brushing, ear candling,muscle testing, Thats a real laugh, muscle testing and many people through clever marketing and medical bashing buy into this nonsense. I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale too.The bogus cancer cures are heinous as child molesting and these people hawking them belong in prison. Get real, will you?

  63. Herbal Says:

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  64. Cyn Perra Says:

    But you really have to wonder how much of this disinformation that’s out there is really common sense or how much of it is pharmaceutical companies trying to expand their customer base.

    There should be free information out there because you really do NOT know what will work for you because after all in the end.. we are just individuals and we really don’t know what will work for us and what won’t..

  65. Says:

    Excellent article. I definitely appreciate this site.

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