We are all Heath Ledger.


Bill Maher says prescription drugs are evil because beloved Hollywood hunks can OD on them, so we should all just take “natural” remedies like tulip petals and bark. I agree. And do you know what else is all-natural?



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29 Responses to “We are all Heath Ledger.”

  1. Jared Says:

    I saw that episode, and I have to say that it raised my opinion of Mr. Maher to see him bravely question BIG PHARMA and its EVIL agenda of aiding or curing us if taken in proper doses and in awareness of potential interactions. Obviously, because medicine has potential side-effects and CRAP does not, we should take crap instead.

    I should add that I DID lose some respect when he mentioned using scientific medicine if injured in some kind of accident. Uh uh, Mr. Maher! Where I come from, if we represent something we represent it all the way! If I’m thrown through the windshield in a car crash, I have a bracelet instructing people to revive me with patchouli and reattach any severed limbs using only birch boughs and marigold. Unlike Mr. Maher, I AIN’T FRONTIN.

  2. Ada Says:

    What about snake venom? Toxins from poison dart frogs? Bacteria in komodo dragon spit? Why do people think natural = safe and awesome? And if natural = safe and awesome, why is marijuana still illegal in the US?

  3. Robert Says:

    Ordinarily I like Bill Maher….

    But he went off the deep end during that show. Yes when you over use pharmaceuticals they can KILL you. No Shit! Really!?

    You know what else can kill you in large quantities? WATER!!!

    All natural, my ass! Arsenic is natural, I ain’t gonna inhale any!

    Just goes to show you that even a irreligious person still has his tenets to which he will admit no dissent.


  4. Phil Hill Says:

    Dear Robert,

    Water can be fatal in a small dose, especially when inhaled. That’s why I stick to beer.

  5. Rune from Oslo Says:

    What mister Maher and others fail to recognize is Heath Ledger was AUSTRALIAN.
    Australianism is a condition with a fatality rate of 100 percent.
    Sure, there are people with this condition who live a while, but given enough time all Australians go on to the great walkabout in the beyond.
    Why don’t big pharma make a cure for this you might ask.
    I think we all know the reason for that.

    Speaking of things Australian:
    Gotta love Kylie’s ass…

  6. Dick Says:

    Agreed Mr. Rune. I know several people with Australianism and they’re on the verge of death, even as we speak. The only hope for them is crap, but they refuse to believe!

  7. Skelliot Says:

    I love bark…it cures everything. plus im australian so i would know.

  8. Brianimator Says:

    Damn that germ theory! I want my money back for all the anti-bacterials that have doubtless saved my life.

    I could’ve bought a really nice casket with it. A shiny one.

  9. George Q. Gooseberry Says:

    Is heroin natural?

  10. Lone Wolf Says:

    Natural? Why the hell would any body want “natural” shit? Give me the synthetic shit, we know what those do, they’ve been tested.

  11. Sercorer Says:

    Taking a cocktail of pharmaceuticals can kill you?! Shit. Who would have thought?

    I’ve heard that guns can kill too, is this true? Surely not because all things that can kill you are evil and should be illegal. Like suicide thats illegal, good job too otherwise we would all be doing it.

    But what about driving? That kills, oh and flying, that can kill loads of people, water can kill so we should probably make swimming pools illegal. Some bloke jumped in front of a train the other day, made me late home from work, inconsiderate bastard. We should probably make trains illegal that would put a stop to that.

    Thinking about it there are just far too many things that are legal that can kill. What is the world to do?!

    Lets make living illegal.

    Living kills. Innit.

  12. Gabriel (Gabe) Diedrich Says:

    What happens when people OD on the “natural” cures? Is there something more “natural” then natural? If there is you should market it… NOW!!!

  13. Geoff Says:

    Other ‘bad’ ‘natural’ things: Bella Donna, Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Lead, Ebola Virus, St John’s Wart (no really: http://museum.gov.ns.ca/poison/stjohn.htm), certain mushrooms, apple seeds and something called TOBACCO!!!

    Wiki has a more comprehensive list of poisonous plants

  14. Steven Says:

    Ebola virus
    Sulphuric Acid
    Hydrochloric Acid


  15. ThoraAdams from Reykjavik Says:

    I am starting a clinic based on this natural crap idea. Dogs are natural, so are cats. Their tongues are as natural as their arses. That made me wonder if god didn’t hide some obscure knowledge in there. So, now I am gathering all my good friends in natural crap energy wisdom, and we have agreed that this works. Oh, sorry, forgot to tell you: We think that no patient should go unlicked on the mouth by a dog or a cat. Well, a girl has to make a living, doesn’t she? Greetings from the Hidden people of Iceland. Peace.

  16. catofgrey Says:

    How about smoking tobacco? It meets so many of the other requirements for fad remedies:

    1) It has been used medicinally for centuries – and was spread from ‘native peoples’ to the western civilized world, not the other way around…

    2) It is inexpensive compared to traditional prescription medications.

    3) Smoking tobacco has no apparent health impact in small studies with 1-week to 3-month observational periods. Thousands of people have personally reported smoking tobacco with no side effects at all.

    4) Smoking is well known to give a pleasurable feeling. If you smoke tobacco, you are well aware that each smoke puts you at ease.

    5) Smoking is considered harmful by mainstream medicine and the U.S. Government, where government leaders have made a deliberate effort to discredit the industry, reduce availability, and remove support for those that grow and distribute this important medicinal herb.

  17. vineetgupta Says:

    HOLY SH#T!!!!

    I just got up after taking a crap when a dozen men broke through my door and held a gun to my head while others collected my crap in little plastic bags.

    This all-natural thing must have some serious money riding on it.

  18. Blind Watchmaker Says:

    Let’s play “Name That Logical Falicy”!

    Heath Ledger overdosed on perscription drugs, therefore pharmaceutical companies are evil.

    Anyone? Anyone?

    Uh…. Nonsequetor?

    Ding, Ding, Ding! We have a winner, tell us Johnny, what does he win?

  19. Amanda Hugginkiss Says:

    From Arrested Development:

    “Lucille: Well, apparently, mood-altering medication leads to street drugs. That’s what this very handsome young doctor said on the Today Show.

    Michael: That was Tom Cruise, the actor.

    Lucille: They said he was some kind of scientist…”

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