Light Eating


So many have said to me “Good Doctor Sir, recommend the best diet.”  My decades of reserach into nutrition has yielded The Perfect Diet


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23 Responses to “Light Eating”

  1. Redcoat Says:

    Jeez – and I really did think I’d seen it all, or at least most of it. Wrong again.

    My new Stupidarian diet is based around the sustaining power of the photo-enema. If you’re going to have your head up your ass you might as well take a flashlight.

  2. Jim Says:

    The author’s new website is no longer active. I’ll bet he died, and then after his mom closed out his checking account, the hosting company shut him down. I’ll also be he died after he went jogging and was breathing really hard, and exploded.

  3. paul fcd Says:

    It sounds like science to me.

    I have stopped eating now. Wait… now.

    OK, now.

  4. hongkongmilktea Says:

    Is “Sound Diet” possible?

  5. Dan Says:

    Wow, I guess that spells trouble for the people in the Arctic in summer. 24/7 sunlight means 24/7 food!!!. Bring a big hat, or you’ll be fat in no time!

  6. Cameron Says:

    Brilliant! Why didn’t I think of this? Not eating, so simple!

    “The DNA itself in its deepest form is a combination of sounds”

    I wonder if natural selection has taken care of this guy yet.

  7. David Amulet Says:

    Just when one thinks the wackos have taken things as far as possible, one finds one’s faith renewed.

    One’s faith in humanity’s ability to amuse itself, that is.

    — david

  8. Warmal Thunker Says:

    A diet with the extra benefits of removing idiots from the gene pool.

    I am all for it.

  9. Cyanide Says:

    You know, its all about how you prepare the food. Pure light fried in peanut oil is still filled with trans-fats.

  10. Luci Says:

    Crap Based Diet 🙂

  11. Rob Says:

    I’m allergic to air. Is there an alternative you can recommend? Perhaps soy-based?

  12. Corrie Says:

    Oh wow! I didn’t know humans were photosynthetic!

  13. Dr. Phil McGraw Says:

    This is truly the Ultimate Weight Loss Solution.

  14. Luci Says:

    do they become green after a while??

  15. skelliot Says:

    Let me guess…BACON AND EGGS? COOKIES???? COME ON OWN UP! ITS COOKIES! RIGHT!?…sorry..I like cookies

  16. Rafa Says:

    “sign my guestbook year 2003!”

    Guess he didn’t make it to 2004…

  17. Skidoo Says:

    So, if you’re hungry, avoid that afternoon snack and just stare directly at the sun for a few minutes. It might not taste as good as a Snickers, but clearly the evidence shows that it’s more healthy.

  18. GimpyEstrada Says:

    I am stunned, I just can’t believe how stupid people can actually be.

    Just when you think you’ve seen the absolute stupidest, they up the ante and crap out more stupid.

  19. Tia Harlowe Says:

    Perhaps being an old hippie from the sixties has something to do with it. I’ve actually HEARD of all the weird crap-based stuff listed so far. I have friends who still practice some of it. However, the Breath-airhead-ians are necessarily short lived. Hopefully, they didn’t breed.

  20. David Marjanović Says:

    My new Stupidarian diet is based around the sustaining power of the photo-enema. If you’re going to have your head up your ass you might as well take a flashlight.


    I consider my day saved. 😀

  21. rich (richmanwisco) Says:

    This “Jasmuheen” fraud is a veritable gold mine of crap medicine.

  22. Dragonfly Says:

    On this diet…you will be freed from the slavery of food for, well, the rest of your life.

  23. Bob54 Says:

    You have a list of strings. ,

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