Quantum Touch


Here’s an idea. Let’s say you come up with a bullshit con that only requires you to wave your sweaty, hairy palms over someone’s bum knee before you declare their energies healed and charge them $500. Let’s say you call it “Therapeutic Touch.” Let’s say an 11-year old proves that you’re full of shit. WHAT DO YOU DO?

You put the word “quantum” in the name and continue as planned. Future endeavors include: quantum bloodletting, quantum homeopathy, quatum crap-based medicine.



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  1. Dr. R Says:

    Quantum palmar hirsutism!

  2. Fred Says:

    Personally, I believe that an application of Quantum Foam to the affected area calms the terahertz quivering that remains after Therapeutic Touch. Get the complete cure! Only available through mail order. …..

    • connie albright Says:

      Is there another word besides crap to define the healing the socially acceptable medical doctor achieves when they write a script for medicines that cause other illnesses…or is it eneouh to say conflict of interest when they own stock in the drug companies, who also provide those expensive catered lunches for the office staff…duhduh

      • Dr. FP Says:

        Although off of the subject at hand, I felt obligated to respond to this post. All medications have side effects. The idea is to treat the illness as best as possible with a medication that has the least side effects. I know literally a hundred or more physicians and none of them have stock in drug companies. Generally speaking, we don’t like them because the cost of medicine impedes treating people who cant afford it while the CEO banks millions. So there…

      • Gary D'Acci Says:

        Let me just throw this in here. One of the biggest problems I see on sites like this is people making assumptive statements based on nothing. They have little if any information on these techniques and most have never tried to use or allow them to be used on themselves. Many doctors have recently been instructing their patients to see acupuncturists and accupressurists. Do they understand how it works? No. They only know that it does work but it doesn’t work for everyone. For that matter neither does penicllan (which I’m certain I just spelled wrong) and most other drugs. I have used energy healing on myself and on others and it has worked BUT I will not use it unless the client has seen a physician and is following the physician’s orders. Now, keep in mind (I am simplifying here) all I do is place my hands very gently on the person and breath. Once the patient starts to feel heat I continue for 30 to 60 minutes. At best they are healed after a few sessions. At worst I am (pardon the pun) full of hot air. I do not charge for my services. If they want to donate funds for my services after they have seen results it is up to them. How does it work? I suppose it’s in a view point. I always pray for the healing to take place. Is it God, Mother Nature, The Universe, Universal Intelligence or is it the heat attracting the brain that there is a problem in that area the same way ice makes the brain respond to a swollen ankle? Take your pick. All I can tell you is that it has worked. I have had good results with varicose veins, degenerative cervical spine, rotator cuff, back pain, sciatic nerve pain, cramps, lower back pain and am now working with a cancer patient.

  3. TheOtherOne Says:

    New slogan for them: “Quantum touch” – still 2 lies for the price of 1, but fewer people will realize it until they figure out what “quantum” means!

  4. Ernst Hot Says:

    I suggest a broad term for all of these “disciplines”: Qrap.

  5. Dr. Sexy, M.D. Says:

    Ernst, that is brilliant. I will steal it and give you no credit.

  6. Ernst Hot Says:

    Qrrrrrr! 😉

  7. stephanie Says:

    Off topic, but I just ran across an email to my mother telling her that cancer is really a fungus and there are easy ways to get rid of it. Has anything like this been covered here yet or on sceptic’s guide?

    • SolidSonLight Says:

      You are speaking of Dr. Tullio Simoncini. Dr. Tullio Simoncini’s sodium bicarbonate protocol

      Testimonials from his book “Cancer Is A Fungus” at http://www.brave-souls.com/CancerIsFungus/CancerIsFungus1.html .

      Background eg at Treating Cancer & Destroying Tumors with Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate): Is Cancer “Just a Fungus”?.
      I myself have Liver Cancer & after researching chemotherapy I said NO thank you. I am presently reading Suzanne Somers book Knockout & it is phenomenal. Also on the internet have her checkout Healing Cancer Naturally. I also believe in the use of Energy such as Quantum Touch. “For those who know no explanation is possible. For those who don’t none is possible.” There are things that we cannot explain, but know that they work. Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. I for one will be learning Quantum Touch, for it facilitates very quick healing from what I understand. For those who need the science they need to learn Quantum Physics. I for one believe in Acceptance without Judgement. Also remember that people die when they are ready to move on. God Bless You & your Mother.

  8. Blind Watchmaker Says:

    Does this make the healer a “quantum mechanic”? Bah-dum-bum.

  9. Ragnar Danneskjöld Says:

    Emily Rosa was on P&T Bullshit recently. Smokin hot. Quantum Boner!

  10. Radovan Karadzic Says:

    What’s wrong with Quantum Healing? I was practicing it in Belgrade for the last 15 years. Lots of people got healed. I know. I got paid for it.

    Then these @#$&* UN goons arrested me and I’m now rotting in jail in the Hague for something I didn’t do.

    It’s all a conspiracy I tell you!

  11. GimpyEstrada Says:

    I thought I had one about quantum touching and a small penis, but nope. I got nothin’.

  12. Tim Says:

    Came across this today, and I immediately thought of this blog:


    Headline: Herbal Products Sold Online Contaminated in 20 Percent of Cases

    By David Olmos

    Aug. 26 (Bloomberg) — One in five herbal products used in so-called Ayurvedic medicine and sold over the Internet contain harmful levels of toxic metals, a study found.

    Herbal pills, powders and liquids are the foundation of Ayurvedic medicine, an ancient system of health care that originated in India. It has become more popular in the U.S. as interest in yoga and alternative medicine has grown.

    Almost 21 percent of 193 Ayurvedic products purchased online contained amounts of lead, mercury or arsenic that exceeded one or more U.S. safety standards, according to the research published by the Journal of the American Medical Association found.

    But it’s “All-Natural” and based on “Ancient Wisdom” so it must be better than those evil artificial drugs made by evil large corporations, right?

    • Gaura Priya Says:

      Ayurveda has been around longer then any healing modality. Use only herbs grown organically in the us or Europe.

  13. BLaM Says:

    quantum leap

  14. The Blind Watchmaker Says:

    Quantum touch fluxes the nanotoxins out of your chi through your meridians.

    Once you’ve been Quantum touched, you are fluxed!

    It’s science I tell you. You would not understand.

  15. Paula Says:

    I understand the skepticism, but having experienced profound effects from energy healing techniques and practicing QT, Reiki and Massage Therapy for several years, have seen nothing short of miracles happen. We are a society of doubters in general and specifically any modality that can not be witnessed, dissected or proved, we discount or discredit. I am of the general opinion that if it does no harm and has the potential for promoting health, it is worthy of trial. If you’ve never experienced energy work, find a reputable practitioner and give it a shot. The deep sense of peace and relaxation you experience will be well worth it. Two hundred years ago, microscopic organisms that could cause illness were beyond the imagination. Thank goodness for skeptics who kept an open mind and kept searching.

  16. Sandra Says:

    Thank you Paula for taking time to write. I too have experienced energy healing techiques. And run into more doubters then I like .

  17. Scientizzle Says:

    [I]f it does no harm and has the potential for promoting health, it is worthy of trial.

    1. Research on treatment modalities that have no plausible mechanism of action beyond placebo effects are a waste of taxpayer money.
    2. The use of fake medicine has been shown to prolong the time it takes for patients to pursue health care that has an actual track record of efficacy beyond anecdotal accounts–this is not harmless.

  18. Wabi Says:

    100,000 deaths per year due to legally prescribed pharmaceuticals.

    2.1 million others hospitalized due to legally prescribed pharmaceuticals.

    Now take VIOXX, that’s real science and a great way to spend my tax dollars. How many of you “debunkers” prescribed vioxx to the hundreds of thousands or more unwitting patients. THAT’S THE PROOF OF “MODERN” MEDICAL SCIENCE, which many now see for the hoax it is.

    Yes oh holy MEDICAL DOCTORS! You are all-knowing! At least you might feel like it after you pay off your government education loans. Yes, I’d feel a little threatened too if I’d bought into the BIG LIE that you did, and signed my life to slavery to pay off the bankers, and then began to realize that all I’ve invested in is A HOAX!

    Linda Marsa reported in the Los Angeles Times (January 8, 2001), based on a 1998 University of Toronto study, that 100,000 Americans die every year of reactions to pharmaceutical drugs, and that 2.1 million more Americans are hospitalized annually for the same reason.

    Hey, here’s a great idea! Let’s let some deviants loose with chemistry sets and LET THE SAME DEVIANTS do the “double blind” testing for safety on their concoctions, AND THEN LET THE SAME DEVIANTS SET THEIR OWN PRICES! Now that’s some woo-woo for ya! Priceless….

    MDs: You’ve been taught to act like an authority. Too bad you missed out on the truth.

    MDs: Try opening up a real medical journal or true piece of documented research. Instead of listening to your Pharm Rep and reading your golf, travel and investment magazines.

    Yes MDs, for all this, YOU SUCK.


    Hahahahahahahahahahah! Suckers!

    • Dr. FP Says:

      Apparently, it is beyond QT to instill peace and harmony and a sense of acceptance. It’s also awful that there are so many drug addicts among us that trap physicians into giving them Rx by threatening them personally and occupationally. “Bad doctor” letters are now directly tied to reimbursement for most practicing physicians. It doesn’t matter if a patient’s complaint even has weight of reality. There is a big difference between being trapped and being brainwashed.

  19. QTer Says:

    If you haven’t experienced Life Force Energy YOURSELF, then you have little ground to stand on…whether scientifically or energetically. The questions could be raised about God/Faith – because you can’t “see it” it isn’t real? Everyone’s reality is unique and it is a choice as to what you pay for…that doesn’t make it bullshit.

  20. rob Says:

    you would congratulate her for making an adult like yourself, believe an 11 year old girl. that’s what you would do.

    quantum-touch has nothing to do with aura. aura work and energy work aren’t even related. nor does quantum touch have anything to do with the practitioner feeling anything from the patient.

    but good job in having about as much knowledge of the subject of that 11 year old girl who performed an experiment that would never effect even the most basic idea of quantum touch.

    good post though, let me bookmark this under my crapbasedblogs category.

  21. scott Says:

    Who let the mentally challenged take over this comment board?

    Rob, did you even read how the girl disproved the whole idea of therapeutic/quantum/placebo/whatever touch? How about explaining why the practitioners failed her test:

    “Emily set up a cardboard screen through which practitioners put their hands. With their sight blocked, she asked them to identify which of their hands was near one of hers.

    The 21 practitioners chose the correct hand 44 percent of the time. That was slightly less than the 50 percent chance they would have had of choosing the correct hand by guessing, authors said.”


    If they couldn’t even sense the presence of a hand near theirs, how can you say they are actually detecting and manipulating ‘physical energies’?

    Come on, show your mental superiority to a 9-year-old girl.

  22. The Blind Watchmaker Says:

    Evidence based medicine does have side effects. Where there is effect, there is side effect. Side effects do hurt people. That is not the issue. The issue is the benefit of proven therapies when the risk of the disease is greater than the risk of side effects.

    When a “treatment” has no plausible effects, such as waving one’s hands in front of someone to manipulate undetectable energy fields, it cannot be considered an actual treatment. As long as patients consider the risks and benefits of rational, evidence based treatments, then they should be free to decide for themselves what they want. Heck, if a proven treatment is being done, then let them have the touch therapy too if it comforts them.

    What I object to is presenting fictional concepts to patients as if they can be taken as alternatives to evidence based treatments. There is only one reality. There is no “alternative evidence”.

  23. rob Says:


    They aren’t supposed to “detect” physical energies.

    As sad as it is that I have to repeat something written in plain text to someone who thinks they can debunk medicine, I guess I will…

    And I quote (from my first comment, right above yours, which clearly you didn’t read or comprehend): “nor does quantum touch have anything to do with the practitioner feeling anything from the patient.”

    Maybe I should dumb that down for you. In elementary school terms, that means roughly, “quantum touch does not have anything to do with feeling anything.”

    I will check back later. Please feel free to respond to me again if you can manage to think of something even slightly relevant to what I said, and without making me answer you with a direct quote from something I already said. It’s obvious you have not even the slightest idea of how quantum touch supposedly works. Maybe you should look into that before you start pretending too, yes?

    Like you said. Who let the mentally challenged take over this comment board?

  24. Toucher Says:

    Has anyone here ever heard of an LD50 rating? That’s the first test any substance submitted to the FDA must pass. It simply menas the dosage that will kill 50% of the lab animals it is given to. If a substace isn’t toxic enough to kill 50% of the animals (hence the Lethal Dose, 50% or LD50 rating) then it cannot, under any circumstance be deemed a medicine or a drug. It is in point of fact considered to be a food. Now you knoiw why so many people are killed each year by “medicine”.

    How does Quantum Touch Therapy equal some method that allowed no contact? Quantum touch requires actual contact, hence, I can usually tell when someone ha as ahand near mine.

    Seems the argument that practitioners of one modality having failed soem sort of test casts doubt on all modalities is sort of lame. Perhaps these are the same “debunkers” that guffawed and ridiculed the very idea that something invisible caused illness. Oh, yeah, maybe germs aren’t real.

  25. rob Says:

    Toucher: Very good point.

  26. Chuck Darwin Says:

    QTer said “If you haven’t experienced Life Force Energy YOURSELF, then you have little ground to stand on…”. Really? I propose that you have also had no experience with ‘Life Force Energy’, yet you seem to be standing just fine.

  27. Chuck Darwin Says:

    rob said “It’s obvious you have not even the slightest idea of how quantum touch supposedly works…”. well then, please explain ‘how’ it works. I doubt that you can, since explaining ‘how it works’ requires that ‘it works’, and clearly, QT does not work… at least not better than placebo. Perhaps you are not familiar with the Placebo Effect, and you QT is just another name for it?

  28. stephanie Says:

    Toucher: you are fucking stupid. you mention the LD50 rating is the FIRST TEST yourself. Are you then denying that there are many further tests that you are deliberately glossing over? those tests also include efficacy tests, unlike whatever untested bullshit you’re promoting.

  29. George Says:

    Skeptics often feel smug criticizing things from afar. There is a reason that Quantum Touch is being used by physicians and physical therapists – because it works. One nurse told me that QT consistently brings up dangerously low blood gas levels in patients under general anesthesia.

    Skeptics have a religion of doubt and the absolute faith that they are correct, and that nothing can possibly exist outside of their narrow beliefs. This gives them license to be hostile and condescending.

  30. scott Says:

    Rob, you haven’t explained a thing and I’m thinking you aren’t capable of doing so, but I’ll play along for a bit more.

    The practioneers in the study certainly seemed to think they could detect the bodies. Otherwise, why did they pretend they could? If the girl was asking them to do something they could not do, why did they try?

    That’s the first question you can simply ignore. I have more.

    If practioneers cannot even tell when they are near an actual body how do they know what is wrong with a person? How can they manipulate the ‘energy fields’ of the body as they claim to do without ‘feeling’ something? If you don’t like the word ‘feeling’, how about ‘knowing’? Or what word would you like to put in there?

    After your done dodging that question, you can read on to the final one.

    If they do not need to even be aware of the body, why do they always move their hands directly over it? Why not do it from their dining room miles away?

    No Rob, I have no idea how quantum touch works in your world of make believe. I’m guessing people who actually study quantum physics have no idea either. Why don’t you explain it all to us (and perhaps your field of study which has somehow given you this amazing knowledge)?

    • Alicia Says:

      Quantum Touch also utilizes distance healing as well. The concept behind Quantum Touch is that the client’s own vibrational energy is raised to a place where they can heal themselves. The entire premise has nothing to with speculated E.S.P. from the practitioner.
      Also, in order for it to be proven effective or ineffective it needs to be studied by addressing its overall efficacy. The test used for this discussion is invalid because Quantum Touch is not synonymous with psychic ability.

  31. Sue Says:

    Whew. Getting nasty in here! Okay kids. I am going to have to go with the non allopathic side here. I was told ten years ago I had three months to live with my cancer. They wanted to do all the usual toxic soup mix plus radiation to be sure if the cancer didn’t kill me, their “treatment” would! I am alive simply because of alternative therapies. Reiki, herbals, meditation, energy healing (ie:Quantum Touch). I am now a (alive, did I mention alive?) Reiki master, a Certified Herbalist, Certified Thetahealer, and am working on Quantum Touch. Sorry people, but the proof is in the pudding.
    There is a place for allopathic medicine, but it is not in curing cancer. The people I have seen die with conventional treatments far far far outnumber the ones that have been cured (that’s right fda, I said CURED, not in remission) with alternative therapies. Don’t knock it unless you’ve almost died K?

    • Vanessa Says:


      My mom has just been diagnosed with Multiple myeloma which is a bone marrow cancer. We are looking into alternative treatments as we don’t trust the orthodox treatments as they do more harm than good. But then I am worried that if we don’t do any treatments and while we are looking for the right alternative treatments that her condition will progress.

      Do you have any suggestions on where we should start?

      I heard Quantum Touch would be good for healing.

      I appreciate all your help.

  32. smersh Says:

    Sorry Sue, but there is no such thing as ‘allopathic’ medicine.

    You and your ‘holistic’ and ‘alternative’ buddies have been deceived by the simple operation of confirmation bias, also known as the “dead people can’t tell their stories” gambit. From a logical point of view, wouldn’t you expect to only hear good reports about CAM in cancer ? the ones who would give you their stories of broken hope and wasted opportunities to get really effective treatment don’t survive to meet you and go to your practice.

    The term ‘allopathic’ was invented by Samuel Hahneman when he came up with homeopathy. It has been retained as a marketing gimmick by people who want different standards of ethics and science to apply to their particular brand of quackery.

    there is not a dichotomy of ‘allopathic’ vs ‘complementary and alternative’ medicine. there is only science-based medicine and quackery.

  33. Sue Says:

    And “science based medicine” almost killed me. Hm…it was the (your term here, not mine) “quackery” that kept me alive. Imagine that!
    Then in my politically and grammatically correct world, it is the “science based medicine” that is the true definition of quackery!

    Sorry Smersh, I and watched all my friends die from the true quackery of money grubbing pharm. companies pushing immune system destroying crap so they can line their pockets. When it was my turn, I then told those true quacks to shove it and went to the real medicine. Did I mention, I am alive who did not do chemo/radiation/surgery/steroids, and those that did are dead. There is no further proof I need thank you.

  34. Angelina Says:

    It’s healthy to have differing opinions because it sparks thought and discussion. I’m not as impressed with how this has deflated to bickering, but that’s bound to happen time to time.

    Anyhow, some may call Quantum Touch quakery but it healed my scoliosis. I have no scoliosis. When I was 26-years-old I started getting QT treatments on my spine (which at the time had two fairly large curves, 42 degrees and 60 degrees for anyone familiar with how they measure that). After 6 months I had another x-ray and you would have never known that I ever had it. My doctor was stunned, to say the very least. When I was 14 I refused back surgery to place a rod in my back which would have permanently fused my spine in that shape (preventing it from worsening as I age). That is as close to a solution as “modern medicine” has.

    I have never heard of ANYTHING healing scoliosis (and mine was not a minor case). It’s not a sickness, it’s a muscular-skeletal deformation. The AMA has no solutions for this other than surgery to essentially fuse the shape of the back.

    I had scoliosis for at least 14 years and now my spine is perfect. I know some people will be skeptical no matter what, but I just can’t argue with those results.

    As far as “modern medicine”, they get paid when people are sick not when people are well. What else is a capitalist going to do? Make expensive treatments that never quite heal. That’s pretty much the system we have, yea? I hope it improves.

    • Mary Beth Says:

      I have to agree with Sue and angelina…and I find that those skeptics who do not agree with energy medicine in general,just have never tried it or had anyone they care about, try it.
      There is now a new energy tool that provides the beneficial effects, without the need for expertise in the healing arts. It is phenomenal. I worked with a dog (yes, animals are very good subjects, since they are not subject to doubt. it ie what it is.). this dog went from a severe inflammation of the pancreas (validated by blood work) to…an ultrasound the next day after “working with her” a completely NORMAL ultrasound. no evidence of inflammation. Call me crazy, but I think that is pretty great, considering some treatments by doctors of various types, leave us hanging…the body can do a lot that we don’t give it credit for…even if it is in an animal. As an RN and skeptic of sorts. I will stick with this technique for MY precious dogs. they deserve the best. and…no harm. wasn’t that the beginning of medicine? Hippocrates? “first, do no harm? what the heck happened to THAT idea. geesh!

    • Anuk Says:

      hi I was reading your post and I need to ask you how does that look like cause I have scoliosis as well it would mean a lot if you could explain to me I am very happy that there is hope for me my curvature of the spine is not big its about 15 degrees lumbal and upper is about 5 but I have a lot of pain and it’s not very nice I am 22 and I wanna feel good and look god again.The problem is that I live in Serbia so I don’t know if they have it here where are you from if I may ask.Thanks and I hope you’ll have a little time to respond.Miljana

    • Wilma Says:

      Would you please tell me who was your practitioner and where s/he is located? I desperately need help with my severe scoliosis. thank you.

    • Kajsa Palsson Says:

      Angelina, I am a recently certified Quantum-Touch practitioner and I would love to quote your story on my website (obviously not claiming it as my work, just showing people what can be done). Please send me an email if you would be willing to let me use your story. See my website http://www.kajsapalsson.com.

      Warm wishes,


    • ipek Says:

      It would be glad if you could share your qt practitioner with us. I have scoliosis also and I am searching for a good pratitioner. Thank you:)

    • Merve Says:

      Dear Sir/Madam,
      I suffered from scoliosis heavily. My scoliosis is 30 degrees which makes my life horrible. I always feel tired and it’s too difficult to stand during the day.

      I read Richard Gordon’s book which is so inspiring. I believe that only his session makes me better. who did heal yor scoliosis? Could you please help me to contact to with your healer? It’s very important for me.

      By the way I live in Turkey, Eskişehir and I am a lawyer. If i take session from your healer i have some questions: where will i stay in USA. And how long does it take? Also is there any possibility that’s Your healer will come to Turkey or another country close to Turkey sooner?

      Please let me know as soon as possible.
      Yours sincereley,
      Merve Cakmak

      • garyd4324 Says:

        The funny thing is that quantum touch is very scientific but before you can understand quantum touch you must have an understanding of the human body. The human body is a giant electronic machine. Every time your heart beats, your brain thinks, your kidney moves or any other part of the human body is functioning electronic signals are being sent out. EKG’s and EEG’s are measuring the current that is moving through your heart and brain respectively. Those currents just like the currents running through high tension wires create a current outside of the electronic or electrical conductor. That is why years ago when you drove under high tension wires your car radio would be all static. This process is the reason that the electronic industry came up with the idea of step up and step down transformers and electro-magnets. The body reacts the same way your television reacts. When a component starts to breakdown in your television the current within that system shuts down or rises beyond the amperage needed for the component to work properly and the TV starts to react abnormally or stops working. The difference between the TV and the human body is that the human body has a brain which is in itself is a giant computer. The medical field has a vague understanding of how the brain reacts to problems in the body but even though they can tell you that the brain does not recognize a cancer cell and that’s why it gets out of control they can’t seem to explain why when you twist your ankle and scream in pain that the brain does not react to this until you put ice and or heat on it. Interestingly enough I have noticed that there is a new product on the market for muscular aches and pains (one of those heat producing wraps) that claims it doesn’t just make you feel better it also heals. It heals in a similar fashion that quantum touch heals. They both attract the brain through heat to a problem in that area of the body. Quantum touch uses a double system to produce the heat. It uses the 98.6 degree temperature of the body and the heat from the current that is emitted by the body. (As a tid-bit of information: The medical field is working on an EKG machine that does not require any wires to be attached to the body because they have found that the current running through the heart emits an external current that extends up to 8 feet beyond the chest.) This heat or energy attracts the brain and allows the persons body to heal itself. Anyone who claims that they can heal using Quantum Touch does not understand the complex system that is occurring. That person is no more a healer than the person who comes along with jumper cables and helps you get your car started is a mechanic. Quantum Touch is simply using what your body has been telling you to use since you were a child. When you get a headache you place your hand on your head, When you bang your elbow you grab your elbow when you get an ear ache your place your hand on your ear. What do you do when you get a toothache? Your brain has been trying to tell you how to heal yourself for years but you’re so damn smart you’ve ignored it. Why? Do you read all those big medical journals that come out twice a week? Not!!! Sorry, folks but the term is POMPOSITY. Most of you have no medical degree. Most of you don’t even know how to wrap a pulled muscle but you know that your own brain has been lying to you for years. Did you ever think that it might be lying to you now?

  35. Umm... No. Says:

    Angela. Amazing story. I have been scouring the New England Journal of Medicine, the Lancet, the CMAJ, Nature Medicine, Spine, and a few other journals, and I see the case has not yet been written up!

    Surely, if your doctor diagnosed the Scoliosis, and the documentation (including imaging) is there, and she is able to now deem you “cured”, I would think she would want to publish this. Once she gets over her being “stunned” of course.

    If, indeed, QT was the cure, then I would think it is a discovery worthy of the Nobel in Medicine. Your Doctor would, of course, have to share the prize with the QT practitioner…

    • pisoloper Says:

      if you were a ‘spine’ doctor, and you know that qt works on
      scoliosis, would you recommend qt to your patients? i don’t think so.

  36. Heywood Jablomey Says:

    So some guy, perhaps with an M.D. or B.S. or some other type of B.S.(Bullshit) attached to his name, feels the need to rectify his sad little repressed boyhood, as well as justify his many years spent inside four walls watching lectures and taking notes. So he tries to debunk what he doesn’t understand…

  37. Heywood Jablomey Says:

    …He even uses a reference from what is familiar to him and his world(hairy palms), assuming that others share his autoerotic tendencies. If he’s a real Doctor, is this what they do all that time people are waiting? Wow, I think I’ve gained some real insight here!

  38. mary Says:

    Well, anyone here who would like to find out what the author of, “Quantum-Touch The Power to Heal,” by Mr. Richard Gordan has to say on the subject can go to http://www.quantumtouch.org
    There are photos and several cases on file with plenty of documentation if you would like to learn more about physical evidence on the effects of QT healing.

  39. mary Says:

    Correction to my comment above; it’s http://www.quantumtouch.com

  40. meimeiamaya Says:

    For all the naysayers, I think you should do a little more research before you criticize work you do not understand. Western medicine has long denied even the existence of energy and because of that, energy work is foreign in the minds of most Westerners and would doubtless cause much skepticism. However, take a look at Oriental and Asian culture and you will see that this is not only a part of their current lifestyle, but also a part of their history as well. These techniques have been around and improved upon for centuries upon centuries, and why would this much time and effort, so much that generations upon generations of people in entire countries, be put into this? I can’t change anyone’s skepticism, but I will defend my position here. And the religious points are true here as well. Do NOT attack and attempt to rip apart work that you really aren’t sure what it is or how its done just because you cannot physically see it and think that no one will say anything about it if you yourself would defend your beliefs that you take as fact against similar attacks.

    You are all asking how it works? Well, its based upon the practitioner raising their own energy vibrations, and allowing the receiver’s energy level to rise to meet that same level. It is not healing the other person, it’s providing a pathway for the other person’s body to heal itself. It’s based upon the principle that the body wants to be healed.

    “We teach the concept of “body intelligence”: the body knows how to bring itself back to 100% wholeness given the proper conditions………Quantum-Touch does not claim to treat or heal specific conditions; the effectiveness of Quantum-Touch is based on an individual’s ability to heal and the results will vary. Ultimately if the body can, it will heal itself and Quantum-Touch may accelerate that process.”

    There are many documentations of the effectiveness of Quantum Touch, though not as many as there could be because not many people are aware of what it is, and also because of how many skeptics there are. I blame the narrowmindedness of society for that. Anyway, take this bout of info as you will. I hope it helps.

  41. meimeiamaya Says:

    BTW mary, thanks for the website, Ive been meaning to check it out for awhile ever since we went over this briefly in class.

  42. David Says:

    I stumbled on this place looking up stats for the number of web hits on quantum touch. Those who are posting here seem to be very much on one side or the other of the issue quantum touch being real or being bull#$$$.

    I am a practitioner and have experienced some wonderful results. I also realize that the majority op people put their “faith” or belief systems in the status quo, or what the rest of the crowd does.

    On the scientific side, the testing for medicines relies in part on the use of placebos in clinical trials. All I have ever heard about why a placebo succeeds is that “the belief of the patient” has something to do with it.

    Ultimtely there are some things that science has not YET measured, disected, and proved to their satisfaction, but still there is subjective evidence that “something” is at work out there. Even the things that science can measure and prove are often too weird to believe. Quantum Physics is like that. Explain it in everyday language and watch the reaction on people’s faces, doubt written all over.

    Now, as a practitioner, I don’t force anything in anyone, or anyone to believe anything. If a client does not improve, then I choose to believe that the cause rests with them, as does their injury or disease. I have met a few people who are looking for “magic pills or cures” for diseases that they are so heavily invested in that they cannot accept the possibility of a cure.

    I enjoyed reading all of your posts. It’s great to see all the dialog!

    • Mary Beth Says:

      Hi David! great to read your post. would love to talk to you about your experiences with this. not sure how to contact you tho. if you see this…give me a poke at mb@betterboomerbodies.biz yeah, I’m an RN, health coach and health afficianodo. would love to hear from you. be well!

  43. Heywood Says:

    OK,OK. I was a bit moody and reactive in my first post.
    There are many good doctors out there and western medicine definitely has its place. Healthy skepticism also has its place, because there are indeed many bullshitters out there. This does not bebunk anything in particular however, nor does the 11-year-old’s so-called “experiment”.

    • Mary Beth Says:

      Hi Heywood!
      this is how I have sorted it out in mybrain…if I get hit by a truck, have a serious injury…dial 911. I was happy to be in the ER when I had advanced Lyme and was hallucinating, crushing head pain, and they made it better.

      I do have prolems with the treatment of chronic conditioins because allopathic or western medicine, tends to treat such things with toxic pharmaceuticals without looking for the CAUSE. I happen to think functional medicine is more effective.
      and let’s not forget energy medicine. so powerful…gettng the body to heal itself. wow. so powerful. there is even a tool for that now. I hope more people wake up and get with self healing.

      be well

  44. scott Says:

    ‘western medicine has its place’

    I’ll say. With western medicine we’ve seen the elimination of major diseases and greatly lengthened lifespans.

    With ‘alternative’ medicine we’ve seen a shitload of anecdotes and…yeah, that’s it.

    Oriental medicine has been around for thousands of years, yet the lifespan of the average Asian was no better than that of her counterpart in the west before the introduction of evidence-based medicine. Has yet to do anything against major diseases as well. I’ll let all of you in the fantasy world of ‘healing energies’ try to spin that painfully obvious fact…

    And finally, if you are a practitioner of one of these alternative means of treatment and you advise your patients NOT to get treatment from a real doctor, you have some serious ethical issues to deal with.

  45. Heywood Says:

    I agree. There are many wonders of modern medicine. Vaccines, for example, seem to have improved health in general. There are a lot of factors to consider when we’re talking about general health though.
    It’s not all about “medicine”. There are other factors as well, such as sanitation, environment, etc.
    It’s an interesting argument that could spin further and further.
    I’m sure any ethical practitioner of anything points out that they are not doctors and to seek advice from a doctor, yes. But I believe that those issues pale in comparison to the ethical situation that modern-day medicine is faced with.

  46. Halo257 Says:

    Wow! I appreciate that somebody has done their research here and it seems others lay helpless to quite pathetic brainwashing.

    Scott, do a little more thought for yourself, perhaps, before trying to tell everybody else what type of medicine is being “practiced” in this country. Better thought, travel around the world and tell us all that they have as much disease and depression as in the states. Or, that other countries wrinkle free, completely mobile 90 year old citizens are a coincidence in modern medicine. You’re right! They should probably be on antacids and antidepressants and cholesterol lowering medications – what would the centuries of study by other countries have anything to do with it since they don’t hold a candle to our Western medicine.

    It is a sad thought that somebody might actually turn from a practice that could truly help them over such an ignorant voice of opposition.

    Do some research, buddy! Good luck in life 🙂

  47. Heywood Says:

    I like this blog and I’m thankful that there is somebody out there(apparently an M.D.?) with nothing better to do than to start a blog such as this!
    In general, the methods that we are talking about here are “complimentary”, not a replacement for medicine. That should assuage some of the worries.
    Isn’t it strange that the 11 year old girl’s mom is a registered nurse? Hmm, gee it wouldn’t be her agenda that we see in the results of the so-called “experiment” would it? Or are 11 year olds just naturally jaded and cynical?
    I’m sure the girl just said something like “hmmm, I need a project for school. What should I do? Oh, I know, I’ll prove that those stupid people out there trying to help other people with touch are a bunch of idiots. Maybe next year I’ll prove that there is no higher intelligence and we’re really all just turds floating in a giant toilet bowl”…

  48. James Says:

    Actually, QT Practitioners need zero faith or belief in anything to help another. This “Bio” energy, worked with by Acupuncturists for 1000’s of years, is self directing and has just as much validity as western medicine, as its used extensively in modern Chinese medicine today. It doesn’t need an imperfect human mind to direct it. People self heal sometimes with a little stimulus from their environment. Healers never heal another..they can only heal themselves. For a permanent “healing” to occur, the recipient’s mind must be illumined as to the cause of their condition. Then and only then can a lasting change in their condition occur. Use of Pharmaceuticals and herbs are a form of energy healing. There are energy exchanges in the chemistry and vibrational fields working on other vibrational fields. Get out of your brains and into your hearts a little more..perhaps, then, some of this self directing energy will noticeably abide in your own lives so you can experience true intelligence. True intelligence would be defined as knowing what to say, when to say it and whom to say it to.

  49. Dave Says:

    QT is for real!

  50. karen Says:

    I was researching feedback on Quantum touch because it sounded like reiki…For myself,I have expierienced energy healing through CHI…..Quantum-Touch?…I am skeptical about someone charging 350$ for a workshop…I think this practice can be learned by studying Chinese Medicine….A word for the doubters though…can’t see it…means it doesn’t exsist?…if you go by that theory,….RELIGION….YEAH..MAYBE YOUR RELIGION…should be called CRAP..because all those SPECULATIONS AND CLAIMS…..OF MIRACLES AND HEALINGS…VIRGIN BIRTH..ETC…..DOUBTING is our right,but judging is not a family value…….RELIGION is a salve for many…..QUANTUM-TOUCH may be a salve for some people’s healing too……enuf said

  51. Angelina Says:

    Dear Umm No,
    You don’t have to believe it if you don’t want, that’s just my story. That is the proof that I have experienced firsthand and I’m not interested in the rigmarole of trying to prove my experience to others. They would probably just find a way to discredit me. As far as documenting it, so what? I’m not going to pay another doctor for another visit just so he can say my scoliosis is gone. He’d probably just try to rationalize the first x-rays as faulty or switched and I’d be out a few hundred dollars. The important thing is that my quality of life improved considerably. I may not be able to prove or even explain Quantum Touch, but I’m simply can’t argue with the results!! (And that’s not to say that everyone would have the same results, either. Like I said, I don’t really understand the details of how it works.) Oh, and for the record, I don’t mean to completely dis western medicine as it has made tremendous contributions to the quality of modern life, but I definitely believe that there are many more exciting discoveries to be made (and acknowledged) in medicine.

  52. Angelina Says:

    Oops, I didn’t mean to say “another doctor”. Obviously I’d go back to one that saw me earlier. Even at that, I saw many doctors and specialists, which one to pick? I’d have to fly across country (because I’ve since moved) to pick one of the doctors, make an appointment (that insurance won’t cover), miss work, tell a doctor who hasn’t seen me in 15 years that an energy healer cured my scoliosis, and expect them to be all proud and take time out to write a paper or article about something he/she didn’t even see happen? Do you think a reputable scientific journal would publish that story? Probably not. It would be nice if a QT practitioner and an MD could get together for the sake of documenting some cases and present them jointly. I mean, if I get results like that I’m sure others have and will in the future.

    • pisoloper Says:

      i don’t think most doctors would be interested. but then, on second thought, some may considering that many doctors are now doing acupuncture. years ago doctors said acupuncture was just placebo. has the truth changes or just our perception of it?

  53. scott Says:

    Hi Halo257

    Once again a response to my comment that completely avoids my questions.

    OK, whatever. If you had the capacity to do so, you probably wouldn’t have been suckered in by alternative medicine (read, NON-evidence based medicine).

    I’ve lived for over 12 years in countries other than that States. Et toi?

    Depression rates are fairly high in other developed countries. Ever been to Eastern Europe? Japan and Korea have some of the highest rates of suicide in the world. Thel ife span of US citizens is just about the same as any other developed country. Countries with high life spans always, without exception, have populations with easy access to modern (real) medicine.

    Again, I look forward to the next commentor who purposely avoids this fact.

  54. Wendy Pringle Says:

    Ok Just a few thoughts. I am a certified QT practitioner who has used energy healing for over 4 years ( I am a retired teacher). I came upon QT when I was looking for a way to alleviate my mum in law’s pain while she was waiting for a hip replacement. I learnt it from a clearly set out book and started using the techniques immediately and I was amazed at the fantastic presponse . There was great reduction in pain after the third session and after walking only on crutches she could walk across the room actually unaided. From having to lift her leg with her hands in order to get it into a car she was able to bend the knee and lift it with no problems. I gave her regular treatments for a year for pain management and after her hip replacement she recovered so fast and was in such good nick for an 87 year old that doctors were amazed. I go by what I observe and what I have observed is that people are helped with QT – observably helped,. I am not knocking conventional medicine but here in Africa energy healing is slowly but surely being accepted as a viable alternative when conventional medicine is at a loss to help. I have NEVER said that anyone should not visit their doctor and indeed we are not allowed to do that. I try and work hand in hand with a clients doctor and indeed my own doctor is aware of what i do and is very interested in it. Because i approach her with an open mind and accept her help for things like pap smears and routine blood tests and explain clearly how I am taking charge of my own health she is quite willing to take part in interesting discussions.

    I would urge people to make informed decisions about their health – see what developments are taking place in energy healing and make their own minds up. I charge for my time ( and give a lot of it – actually over and above what a doctor is able to give) treat people who find their way to me and do many treatments for friends and needy people for free. I am not in this for the money and I certainly do no harm and I can’t help feeling that the vindictiveness I find in some of the posts are uncalled for. I am here to help people – period.

    If you do not agree with what I have said – that’s fine I accept where you are on in your journey. just please be careful about belittling something that you have no first hand experience of. I could tell you so many more great experiences i have had with QT but then that would make no difference to people who are out to criticise anyone who is not scientifically trained.

    I wish everyone all the best.

  55. John Franks Says:

    I can’t believe the number of people who have shit for brains. People who believe in imaginary pseudoscientific therapies with no evidential basis. The therapies are imaginary in that somebody imagined them; they aren’t based on any demonstrable physical laws. All this “energy healing” bullshit is simply bullshit.

    Why is it that science has identified the four fundamental forces — electromagnetism, gravity, the strong force and the weak force — and yet these uneducated morons have themselves somehow identified some other force that science has not yet discovered, yet somehow “healers” can manipulate?

    If I were unethical, I’d simply create my own imaginary therapy and convince these morons to start practising it, after I milk them for all their money. It obviously wouldn’t be very hard. People with shit for brains will believe anything.

    • Daniel Says:

      John, do you believe that science has discovered every thing there is to be discovered. Visible light is a tiny slice of the electromagnetic spectrum but the only part we possess a sense to directly “see”. Is is not possible that there are other forces yet undiscovered for the same reason. We only recently discovered evidence of dark matter and dark energy but we believe it is much more prevelent than normal matter and energy. The four forces offer no explanation for life itself. There seems to be a “life force” animating our existance but science offers no explanation. To ignore or deny what we do not understand is as unscientific as it can get. The doctor that proposed germ theory and insisted that doctors wash their hands between patients was laughed out of the profession by his co-workers. Bruno was burned at the stake by the learned men of his time for proposing that our sun was a star like all the others and that we were spinning around it. Any fool “knew” that centrifugal force would throw us off the planet it were rotating. He said to his judges at his sentencing after refusing to recant the truth “I believe the accusers are more afraid than the accused”. He was willing to die before standing down from truth. Open your mind a little.
      “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
      Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

    • Daniel Says:

      John, do you believe that science has discovered every thing there is to be discovered. Visible light is a tiny slice of the electromagnetic spectrum but the only part we possess a sense to directly “see”. Is is not possible that there are other forces yet undiscovered for the same reason. We only recently discovered evidence of dark matter and dark energy but we believe it is much more prevelent than normal matter and energy. The four forces offer no explanation for life itself. There seems to be a “life force” animating our existance but science offers no explanation. To ignore or deny what we do not understand is as unscientific as it can get. The doctor that proposed germ theory and insisted that doctors wash their hands between patients was laughed out of the profession by his co-workers. Bruno was burned at the stake by the learned men of his time for proposing that our sun was a star like all the others and that we were spinning around it. Any fool “knew” that centrifugal force would throw us off the planet it were rotating. He said to his judges at his sentencing after refusing to recant the truth “I believe the accusers are more afraid than the accused”. He was willing to die before standing down from truth. Open your mind a little.
      “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,

  56. Rex Says:

    Funny you should say that John Franks

    I get charged way more for a doctor’s visit than to see my alternative therapist, in fact I pay for the latter with small change. And then I have to go and fork out a fortune for the meds that my doctor prescribed that cause other side effects, for which I need to get some more meds… and so on and so forth.

    Here’s another two cents worth (pardon the pun). I recently applied what little of quantum touch I know to a lady’s skew hips. And sure as my brain is (what did you call it John Franks?), both of us felt her hips shift into possition and she no longer walks with a hobble that gave her endless back and foot pains. I did not claim to have healed her (because I didn’t), I did not charge her anything. And it was fun to be able to experience it. And if you don’t want to believe it, or need written scientific proof first, that’s fine too. Because I don’t care.

    By the way Scott. I didn’t quite get what you meant by “With western medicine we’ve seen the ELIMINATION of major diseases”. Could you be a bit more specific please?

    And I liked Heywood’s comments. Sounds like someone one can reason with, not that I’ll dismiss any of the skeptics’ comments. To each his own…

    Have fun biting each other in the butt people!! 😉

  57. Rachael Says:

    I think there is a place for both complementary and conservative medicine. I have seen the pluses and negative of both. It is a personal choice. I would however respect the written opinions of those on this blog if they would write their opinions based on their “experience” and without the use of verbally abusive name calling. It doesnt make you look very credible or intelligent.

  58. k varve Says:

    As far as understanding, ALL the real energy or energies of beings and the universe, does anyone really think they have nothing else to learn? Has it not been proven that at the sub atomic level nothing can be predicted or can be fact since the observer actually changes what is going on? Hence there is only probability to everything while observing it from that vantage point? I wonder how long it took people that thought Edison was a lunatic to start actually using electricity?

  59. Patricia Says:

    There have been many scientific experiments that proof that something happens when the practitioners of alternative therapies work. There is a
    8-30 range energy can be measured, in all cases in study. This magnetic field restores the ability of the body to heal himself.

  60. BigSkyGal Says:

    I was curious about Quantum Touch and all the posts regarding its authenticity and decided to buy the book. I have a cat with hip displasia and joint issues and wanted to find out whether I could in fact generate any energy. Not only could I generate energy, I was AMAZED at how my cat responded to it. He went from walking with a ‘hitch in his giddyup’ to running and jumping. It was literally a night and day difference. Even my vet is amazed. I’m thankful every single day that I decided to try Quantum Touch rather than rely on someone else’s opinion that it’s just a bunch of crap.

  61. Lisa Says:

    Have been looking into QT with guarded interest. Came across this “discussion”. I totally agree with Rachel.

    If I were in a car wreck, I would be grateful for the life and limb-saving care that is given in a good hospital!! I also believe that there are many ways a person can be healed and truly wish people would work together for the common good instead of duking it out. Name calling, belittling and vulgar language does little but discredit the source.

    I also believe that in all professions there will be “quacks”. – a mechanic, contractor, doctor, chiropractor, dentist, practitioner – there are people who claim to know what they are doing and can fudge their way through for awhile. But there are also sincere, hard-working people, willing to truly learn and apply their knowledge and experience in many professions too.

    When it comes down to it, we DO have the right (so far) to choose for ourselves! Why should any of you really care what decision I make concerning my own health? Why take offense or make a point to discredit? It has nothing to do with you. The main thing is I have the right to choose!

    • Annie Says:

      How right you are Lisa. You have made an excellent point. We DO have the right to choose. And how we feel about our choice has a lot to do with the results.

      An individual may be ill because he/she (hypochondriac) believes he/she is; their symptoms are very real, some of which may require tests to rule out real illness. But, in just the same way, a person can heal him/herself because he/she believes it. Any medicine, any means can aid that healing. Isn’t that how faith healing works? And young children have improved, even completely healed of illness when they were told to picture their bodies as having little soldiers inside fighting the bad guys (disease/illness) to make them well. They believe!

  62. jumie Says:

    Wow, Mr Scott and Mr. John Frank you are pretty worked up about this whole QT thing. It is sad the world is full of skeptics like them and always has been. Let’s see you want scientific facts, hmmm well if history serves correctly they thought the earth was flat until it was discovered otherwise, no one beleived in gravity until proven other wise. Just because it hasn’t been made public does not mean there has not been scientific research on it. Why would they make it public if it would take away from money hungry MD’s and pharmacutical companies?

    Everything is made of energy Mr. Smart guys, even the desk you are sitting at and when this energy is channeled and anyone can do it, that is where healing energy comes from.

    For an MD who only knows what they see it is near impossible for them to think outside the box.
    Since you both think it’s bullshit, because there is no explanation on how it works, then I guess the Pyramids and Stonehenge are bullshit too, we can see them they are there but no one can explain how they were built.
    I don’t expect either of you to understand this concept because those whose minds are in self rightous boxes only exist they don’t live.

    As far as your “real” medicine goes, tell me why do they have so many negative side effects? I’ll take my chances with dieing without side effects, because I’m not afraid dieing. Only those who live in fear would say the things you have said.
    You go on with your fear based words and stay safe in your little box.

  63. Rorie Says:

    Lets say for science sake the term used quantum touch is off track as to what quantum means. Lets say that most people don’t do their homework before spouting off sarcasium. Lets say that most people run off of emotions, instead of intellect. My friends quantum means is an invisible entity to do with Planck constant which is a way to measure the electromagnetic wave. The body, is made up of water which is a conductor of electricial impulse from the central nervouse system relaying information to your nerve endings through out your intire body. Energy surrounds us and moves through everything. Some are better than others at harnesing this energy and transmitt it to another person. Everyone has the right to their opinions and a belief system. We do not see electicity but it is their everytime you need to watch TV. So quantum does describe particles of matter. We has humans are made up of electrons, protrons, nutrons which all form atoms. When our cells are healthy the atom structure doesn’t allow any pathologens to enter our system. When cells are unhealthy the cell wall is weak the atom structure has been broken down and pathogoens can enter into our system. The skin the larges organ of the body. Our skin is to protect the internal system. We are made up of dense matter. Study physics, anatomy, physiology and then study some more. Quantum machanics was used to successfully model an atom. Fear destroys logic thinking. Instead of allowing yourself to be afraid…..study….research and then come to an conclusion useing truth. The truth of the matter they used a name to best describe what could be going on with this form of healing, but you would have known that if you had done your homework.
    The truth will set you free from fear based knowledge. My best to you all

  64. ladyK Says:

    I read through all of the posts on this page and was rather interested to find that although most arguments had a form of solidarity no one seemed to speak the one truth that is constant in ALL medicine and healing therapies. At the center of all modalities is the desire to assist our or another person to become and experience the highest possible degree of health and well-being. Through the practice of compassion it is possible for any and all to become better today than they were yesterday whether by health of body/mind/spirit or new intelligence or even on small moment of enlightenment in any form. “Quantum Touch” is an old and very new practice. The same can be said of “Western Medicine” and ANY other modality. Before the Dark Ages many therapies that we practice today were well known and practiced with great intelligence. The medicines dispensed through the pharmacy are similar to those indicated in ancient text as well as the herbals, homeopathics, and etc of other therapies known today. Like a great circle, we are experiencing new what other experienced as old and well known. History is there for all to see and comprehend but we are foolish to condemn that which we do not fully understand.
    In Honor, LadyK

  65. Milan Says:

    The term Quantum Touch does not make sense. People don’t seem to understand what quantum means! it’s the physics of the small. The physics essentially of the quantum of light as either a particle or wave but on the atomic level. The hand lives in the Classical physics world. So it should be called Classical Touch. That can only generate warmth from the hand or cooling depending on the temperature difference between what it’s touching. If this person and he’s only a person moved his hand at close to the speed of light it would be Relativistic Touch and that would destroy the persons hand. Please people really need to understand that science can explain absolutely everything even though one person can’t or all people can’t. These people should be asking questions. It’s strange that some people here that have degrees don’t understand this. It shows the quality of these peoples listening skills during university or a bad apple lecturer and the weakness of the university in letting people have a degree. Placebo effect only works because it effects the brain by making people think it worked.. essentially fooling the person. Quantum Touch is placebo and there is no physics being used in this. When I say physics that means reality. Placebo (belief) might change the chemistry and energy level of the person to make them feel cured and that’s the effect of the brain. People who can be cured by quantum touch I think your mum smacking you across your head and telling you stop exaggerating might work.. maybe people should see someone like that, that’s classical touch with a lot of history.

  66. Iab Says:

    I love Quantum Touch!

  67. Quantum Touch – Are You a Skeptic or a Believer? | Everyday Improvement Says:

    […] A few days ago I read a post about QT on a blog with the name Crap-Based Medicine. It’s one of the silliest posts I have ever read, but sometimes it’s good to have a […]

  68. Mark Says:

    You will only find what you are seeking.

  69. Quantum Touch Says:

    […] […]

  70. Skooby Doo Says:

    For five hundred bucks your quantum touch had better have me expelling ectoplasm from my spirit stick.

  71. Mark Says:

    Where did you guys come up with the idea someone charges $500 ?

  72. Sankofa416 Says:

    While I hate the “Quantum” part of the name, too, I can’t deny that I can rid -myself- of migraine headaches. The same migraines that used to leave me in bed for an entire day with the lights off. I got the technique from a $20 book and a week’s worth of reading/practice. I’ve spent FAR more than that on prescription drugs and doctors visits. When it comes to pain, how can you deride something as placebo when it works on a regular basis? Not even ibuprofen works for everyone.

  73. Timothy Says:

    For the comments about how Quantum Mechanics is so amazingly counter-intuitive that it might be possible that alternative medicine could work through a QM processes:

    There’s a reason it’s counter-intuitive. That reason is because it doesn’t work on the macroscopic scale. Quantum tunneling is an actual effect in quantum mechanics, but I ain’t going to try running through walls at any time in the near future, nor will I ever throw a ball against a wall, out of the numerous occasions daily it will occur across the world, will it ever pass through the wall.

    To the claim that QM is proof that somewhat “impossible” claims can become science fact:

    Had you gone to anyone before QM gained its ground and told them that these little particles could pass through other objects without going around they would have laughed at you, with good reason. Go through the proper channels, and give us the repeatable and observable evidence, or stop comparing yourself to Quantum Mechanics.

  74. Cor Says:

    I was browsing for scientific studies on QT when I came across this discussion. Two things became immediately clear: (1) the QTers are ingrained in their particular ‘culture,’ citing ideas and conjuring/borrowing terms (e.g. quantum) that have little meaning in a scientific framework, and (2) many of the skeptics are guilty of the type of closed-mindedness that stalls progress.

    My advice to the QTers is to recognize that their system of ideas, including energy and whatnot, is indeed a form of mystical belief. That system is not proof of any real physical or physiological process; it is only proof of how clever the human mind is in its capacity to create abstract concepts and gradually built upon and evolve them into a fantastic theory.

    I am certainly not ignorant of such theories. I own a QT manual, and it is only one piece of the extensive collection on alternative “medicine” that I have racked from my thorough research of the topic. Sadly, I must again emphasize that such theories are colorful and creative, but most of all fictional.

    That is not to say that all of the many, many anecdotes of positive experiences with alternative “medicine” are lies or placebo, though I have a hunch that many do fall under the latter category. There might indeed be some sort of physiological feedback process that promotes healing after all. I have my doubts, but it is certainly curious enough for some significant study on the university level.

    As for the skeptics, keep on doubting, but never forget to keep an open mind. I approach everything cautiously, yet I must have a keen enough understanding of the subject matter before pronouncing any idea dead. My fascination with and rather firm grasp of subjects ranging from pure mathematics and quantum physics to cognitive neuroscience have only strengthened my belief that there are systems and interactions that we do not yet have the conceptual framework to understand or fully appreciate. This is not a white flag, not a resignation to mysticism or the kind of wild relativity of knowledge that some advocate. We will build upon and, sometimes, tear-down and rebuild, our collective understanding of reality in the context of the scientific method. Be critical but open.

    Since I probably won’t be surfing these parts of the web anytime soon, I will leave you with a quote by Oscar Wilde:
    “The pure and simple truth is rarely true and never simple.”


  75. diane Says:

    i am not sure if it really works but i think it alld epends on what you believe. if you think that it s just a bunch of nonsense than it defenialy won’t work for you because it all depnds on how you make your body think. yo can’t really heal anyone with anything, even if you are a world class doctor, but you can help them heal themselves and i think that is waht qt is all about. im not saying that those that don’t belive it are wrong but it all depends on how you see it and how you deal with it

  76. john brown Says:

    I agree with Diane. You people are kinda dumb to discount things so quickly. It’s amazing to me that people don’t understand the placebo effect. All the drugs our US doctors shove down our pieholes do nothing unless we’re believing they’re doing something. There is gobs and gobs of research studies that essentially prove this. If you think quantum touch will work, it probably will. If you don’t think it will work, it won’t. Modern medicine has it’s place for sure, but there are clearly other abilities in our bodies that 99.99999% of us have no idea how to tap into. One of these things is the ability to heal ourselves. Sounds cooky I know, but I’d rather believe in healing through quantum touch or reiki or something like that as opposed to choking down some pills that have a laundry list of side effects like, gigantic eyeball, explosive diarrhea, etc. etc.

    Ugh…if you guys were only educated enough to know how much the AMA goes through to supress groundbreaking research studies that threaten the entirity of Western medicine…..it’s aboslutley insane.

  77. pedro Says:

    What sort of stuff does the AMA do to “supress this groundbreaking research studies that threaten the etirety of Western Medicine.” It seems you have some proof of this and I would be interested in seeing it.

  78. john Says:

    First I’d like to state that I am in no way a big supporter of full tilt western medicine and loathe a vast number of things about the pharmaceutical industry (thankfully I take excellent care of myself and haven’t been subjected to many medical procedures of any kind!). I didn’t have any interest or need to try QT until I met a friend who practiced it and wanted to attempt to help me out with an extremely tight/sore back (from carting around a huge backpack all weekend). I’m a skeptic by nature and don’t believe too much (especially when it comes to medicine, or anyone trying to sell me anything!) but remain open to anything and give it all a fair chance if I can. With that in mind:

    “You are all asking how it works? Well, its based upon the practitioner raising their own energy vibrations, and allowing the receiver’s energy level to rise to meet that same level. It is not healing the other person, it’s providing a pathway for the other person’s body to heal itself. It’s based upon the principle that the body wants to be healed.”

    I am asking because I am genuinely curious here, and I’d very much like to think there are answers to all of these questions. What is the nature of the energy, specifically (thermal, electromagnetic, something else altogether)? What is the frequency (approximately) of this energy? What is the mechanism of raising the frequency of it, and how exactly is that transferred to the recipient? Does the practitioner have a special ability to sense these energy levels? If not, how do they become aware of the changes in frequency of said energy levels (in both themselves and the patients) in order to ensure the proper conditions for the treatment to work? And if they do have the ability to sense these levels, wouldn’t they be able to demonstrate this under controlled conditions? If so, has this been shown?

    Also, say there is a tumor, or a torn ligament, whatever the case, how does the increased vibration of this energy actually promote healing or allow for healing to take place, as the actual internal healing process would be entirely different in each case?

    I’m hoping for specific answers to many of these, and if there aren’t any I think its a reasonable position to be skeptical, no? Of course I don’t need every answer to be satisfied, but that many questions may either give added insight or conversely expose a lack of answers/understanding. I would want to know the same types of things about a drug or a surgical procedure as well, so I hope this isn’t taken as a bias in one direction or another. And I know there are ‘proven’ drugs that have unknown mechanisms of action as well, but that won’t stop me from asking anyway!

    “We teach the concept of “body intelligence”: the body knows how to bring itself back to 100% wholeness given the proper conditions… Quantum-Touch does not claim to treat or heal specific conditions; the effectiveness of Quantum-Touch is based on an individual’s ability to heal and the results will vary. Ultimately if the body can, it will heal itself and Quantum-Touch may accelerate that process.”

    I understand that it does not claim to directly treat the condition. I am a full believer in setting the right conditions for a body to heal itself, but I am still unclear as to how exactly QT contributes to this. How are these ‘proper conditions’ created by QT, and how is it known what the proper conditions are for a given patient? Is diet, physical activity/exercise, mental/emotional state taken into consideration in QT treatment, as those are very obviously all huge factors in the body’s ability to heal itself?

    Also for the sake of my next point only, lets say that QT is only effective through the placebo effect. I don’t personally think there is anything wrong with that in itself…healing is welcome no matter how it’s achieved, even if only through the belief of a patient, and any technique that can even somewhat reliably activate the placebo effect is valuable. In turn, I suppose since the belief of the patient is crucial to that process, then the explanations of energy and frequencies would be part of creating that belief, and in turn would have some actual value even if it turned out they (energy levels, etc) didn’t have anything to do with what’s going on.

    Also, back to the last quote: “Ultimately if the body can, it will heal itself and Quantum-Touch may accelerate that process.”

    I actually think this is a very careful statement of its effectiveness…given the healing ability of the patient, it MAY accelerate the natural healing process. That isn’t that outlandish of a claim, although I’m sure more drastic claims have been made (?). Let’s say that statement is completely true. Have there been any studies showing the net result of patients foregoing more commonly accepted western practices for QT? Even if the above statement is 100% true, foregoing other potentially helpful treatments (which despite the ‘evils’ of western medicine and drugs, have definitely saved their own share of people) for something that makes no guarantees and has no hard data showing how frequently it works (correct?), isn’t that a big risk to take? I wonder how many people took that risk and didn’t see the results. If I had a serious illness I would definitely want to know something like that before treatment of any kind.

  79. M. Homan Says:

    To those who say that one should go to medical science for proven help, bull shit! I been there done that. The reason most people look to these so-called shams and alternative healing is because medical science can not heal a damn thing. If they can, then why do you suppose we get eye glasses and they always continue to get worst, that we need stronger lens? Why do people with heart disease, high blood pressure, etc. get on prescription drugs and they never go off the drugs? Because they do not get healed. I might add all of the money collected each and every year for research for things like breast cancer, where is the cures? But there are thousands of drugs to keep people going to profit from. I have two conditions myself, degenerative disc disease and Leber’s LHON and they tell me there are no cures. So I did put my trust in mdical science and it has failed me twice on two serious life changing conditions. So no one can tell me that medical science is a great place to get healed, or look for answers. I have suffered in pain for over 15 years now, and am still fighting for some relief.

  80. excalibur Says:

    There will always be skeptics – some of them desperate to be proven wrong, others having no other way of getting attention other than being an irritant.

    Please consider the time you are wasting on incredibly toxic people and inane arguments and then see if there is someone nearby whom you can actually help. Someone ready, and maybe even wanting the knowledge, skill and optimism you have.

    In emotional work there is a recognized pattern within a group behavior – the angriest people will make the most noise and will draw the most attention, often seemingly defining the group position. Not the neediest, most ready to receive or most ready to benefit from the skill and knowledge they attack.

    I’ve formulated a rule of thumb as result of my sixteen years of practice as a bodyworker – it takes about 20 times emotional energy to help someone who resists than someone who actually wants to be well. Think about it – you can help 20 people or (maybe) one.

    While I don’t expect anyone like some of the more inane posters here to even make it to my office, I do get those that won’t admit that they get better – even when the improvement is obvious – through seeing increased range of motion, for example. I rarely get those kinds of patients anymore but am cautious not to engage emotionally when they ignore a simple question like – ‘Can you feel a change?’ and instead immediately focus on another area or problem I haven’t even treated yet and respond with – ‘No, I can still feel the pain.’

    As a bodyworker I choose not to use invasive techniques that overpower my clients, because the more I overpower the more responsibility I would need to take on, the greater the chance that my intervention can cause harm and the less personal power for self-care remains with my clients. All this means that there is little that I do that a client can’t reverse simply by refusing to get well. But, that works for me and that works for those of my clients that want to get well – and those are the people I want to support 😉

  81. M. Homan Says:

    I also would like to add… Quantum touch is based on energy healing. This is nothing new. For those who want to disprove it, I ask the question… if it is all crap, then why do so many people use it? You would think if it did not work on some level people would look some where else.

    For those who have not found it useful, or do not think it works, they have a choice, the medical sciences. But what if that does not work? People need to do their homework. But unless they have a life threatening problem, they may never see an opportunity to do so.

    Acupuncture, tai chi, and chi gong are a few things that are also related. The whole Chinese system, or TCM is based on this energy system. They have been doing this for thousands of years. If this is bogus, then they must be pretty stupid to do it for so long if it did not work, wouldn’t you agree?

    And for those of a scientific mind… what about Quantum Physics? What does this say about the nature of things?

    I think there is much to learn yet in this field, but as time goes on there will be much more learned and documented to the point where there will be little room for the skeptic.

    • Maria Says:

      I too have used Quantum touch and have been able to get rid of headaches, cronic pains and even constipation. If you are doubting this, perhaps you should read up on Bruce Lipton who specializes in quantum physics and then you will get a better understanding of how and why it works.

  82. Mal Says:

    No matter where you consider yourself, a healer, a scientist, a philosopher, keep an open mind.

    Keep an open mind that Quantum Touch may work in some or total capacity.

    Keep an open mind that Quantum Touch may work in some or no capacity.

    We are in the process of discovery. A combination of faith and skepticism may help us move forward in learning new things about ourselves and our universe. It does seem to be our way, as illogical as it may seem.

    Always look at opposing viewpoints and do not be afraid to change your mind or belief on a subject.

  83. paul Says:

    Am MD by training with 15 years experience doing surgeries and medicine as per my training.I stumbled on QT link as I was attending a NLP weekend seminar. Skeptical I decided to try it on pains and in almost75% clients pain vanished during first session. Ever since, I have done QT on several different conditions with amazing success. Am lucky I have the experience to choose which healing modality to use for various illnesses and situations.

  84. clover Says:

    Consciousness is a profound miracle in itself. What really separates something that is alive from something not alive? It’s life force energy. No one doubts the existence of UV rays, radio waves or microwaves. We do not see them, but that doesn’t keep us from sticking our food in that magical box that cooks our food without fire. We don’t doubt that it works because it has a practical application. If contemporary science could use life force energy, which we all possess, in a practical and every day application, skeptics might be more open to the idea. It’s good to have balance between the scientific and the spiritual, but when you go too far to either end of the spectrum, you need the other to make sense of it all. In that way, they are complimentary and intertwined. At the very center if our galaxy, and characteristic of all galaxies, are black holes. These black holes, which are the result of collapsing massive stars, have zero size and infinite density. How could such a thing exist? They are, much to the dismay if astronomers and physicists, very real and the concept of quantum gravity flips modern physics flat on it’s ass. So what do we know, really? And aren’t we cute that we developed something as complex as science and physics in an attempt to try to define our world and make sense of our existence and reality. Science is always making new discoveries, being proven wrong by new theories and being improved every day. Science is only the creation of mortal minds, but look how far our imaginations have brought us. What if we opened our minds a little more to accept new ideas such as applying consciousness and life force energy to affect particles on a subatomic level? Can someone prove beyond a doubt that it CANNOT be done?if conscious observation can change the way an electron behaves on a quantum, or subatomic, level, why can’t we change the particles of our own bodies? It has been shown that we can shape the crystalline formations of water with our thoughts, and our bodies are made up of over 70% water. Our blood is full of iron and our whole physical make-up consists of elements which make for good conductors of energy. The main question is…. Why not? We fear that which we don’t understand. “false evidence appearing real”.

  85. Shannon Says:

    I’m just amazed by the number of people who believe in nonsense that doesn’t work and will stick to it over actually going to the doctor and getting better. The lack of logic or insight into their own erroneous “observations” is astounding.

    As a person who spent ten or so years very interested in various ‘alt med therapies’ i fully admit now to having been led down the garden path by shysters and snake-oil salesmen.

    Luckily I was able to use my brain and realize that wow, when I was sick or hurt it wasn’t the ‘alt meds’ that cured me. it was good old, unmysterious, unsexy, unmagical, completely not-diy, science based medicine. Yay for me!

    cheers and good luck. hope that the particularly human gift of having a logical brain actually comes in handy for you all one day and you decide to make good use of it… otherwise you’re just a meat puppet making empty gestures.

    • yoohootie Says:

      what has modern medicine cured? They never use the cure word because if the condition was cured you would no longer have to take the so called medicine(drugs to control the condition

      • devaki dasi Says:

        i have seen actual cures through law of attraction, quantum touch M.A.P. energetic sessions and many other alternative modalities…so no one can tell me these wonderful processes don’t work……..just follow the processes…they work!

  86. Mike Homan Says:

    While I understand many peoples skeptical minds on energy healing, and the fact that there are many fakes out there. But to say that people stick to nonsense…? What about medical science and all their prescription drugs… do they really heal conditions? I don’t think so. They simply cover up the problem so it can get worst. The body is what heals itself in some cases, but not all. I find it so funny that those who throw all of their faith into medical science think they know what they are talking about. Medical science does not have the answers. Can they cure cancer? Can they cure the common cold? Why do they call it the common cold when they can’t commonly cure it? Saying you used your brain to stay within your box is not actually using your mind at all… yea, you maight have used your brain, but not your mind. So many people are conditioned to think that people with diplomas are so smart. Give a dumb ass a title and everyone seems to think their brilliant all of the sudden. This is no different than politics, favoring a side without any further use of the brain will not get us cures. Big pharmaceutical is making a killing off of the supposed smart people… while the dumb people like myself that do daily qigong exercises, that improved my health are nothing more than imagining a change in their health. You can go on making doctors and pharmaceutical companies rich, in the mean time I choose to take my health into my own hands.

    • zac12heal Says:

      I think absolutely right are own bodies heal itself. With health care in the U.S we need to take are health in are own hands.

  87. Debbie Says:

    No amount of alternative or traditional medicine can cure a closed mind. A closed mind has no light, therefore operates in total darkness and fear.

    • zac12heal Says:

      Debbie You are Absolutely right!! Thank You

      With the health of are Nation we need are alternative healers: Reiki, Quantum Touch, massage therapy, herbalist, nature paths, ect.

  88. Jose Says:

    Pues a mi me funciona….

  89. Jess Says:

    I’d say if you were paying $500 for a Quantum Touch session or any other session, You’re pretty dumb.

    • devaki dasi Says:

      i practice quantum touch and have never run into any associate who performs QT charging $500…..i agree no one should pay that kind of money. In fact locally i am giving sessions free and people always end up reciprocating somehow

  90. itsreal Says:

    you are an idiot. uneducated people like yourself should get together and live in the middle of Nevada where you cant bother anyone

  91. zac12heal Says:

    To those none believers are technquies have show that there is a energy field. There are energy meridans that run’s actually the path of the chinese meridans pathy that they mapped out 5000 years ago. So in less you tried Quantum Touch you should keep your opinion to your self. And here is another fact we as a nation is the unhealthiest nation out of the econcomic countries. Japan is number 1. so 55 other countries around the world is doing something better then the United States. The #1 cause of death in this country is Doctor cause.

  92. Camilly Says:

    Shame on you; speaking as if you know what you are talking about. A true healer does not charge for their service. They may or may not take a donation, but they NEVER put a price on a healing. To do so, would cause them to lose their gift!

  93. Michael Homan Says:

    I have been working in energy healing for quite sometime. I started with acupressure, went to reiki, then on to pranic healing, then to Chinese qigong. I also had worked with quantum touch around the time I was working with reiki. While I worked daily, read everything I could get my hands on to learn of the bodies energy system, to this day I have not been able to heal myself, others, nor can other energy healers seem to heal me. I consulted my qigong master and he tried a few treatments. They did not work… same as all of the other supposed master healers. I was then told my trouble was with past, or karma. I am now at a point I think energy healing is a big scam. It can not even be classified as a thing of the mind since I started into this study as a believer. After roughly four years and nothing… not one small step to show any sort of progress, not forgetting all of the free and paid treatments from others that failed, I have to say I am seeing energy healing as a big money gulping gimmick, just like all of the other gimmicks found online, including multilevel marketing. I am starting to think that people come to look at energy healing because our health system, medical doctors, big pharma, hospitals, and others are more interested in making money than curing anything… as for collecting money for cancer and other diseases every year stating they are looking for a cure, and we have yet to find one cure among thousands of diseases and illnesses, some being made up each year when patents end. Our society is for the most part corrupt in all areas. Has anyone looked at how many reiki forms have cropped up since Usui’s brand? It’s a market like everything else, and some you can fool longer than others, same goes for religions and spiritual groups.

  94. Michael Homan Says:

    To add to a few last comments… I understand a open mind helps, as per a few peoples comments. I had one for several years, so what is the excuse for that, for my failure? I am sure it will be something similar to how preachers use their biblical scriptures, something that no one can verify in reality.

  95. Cab Says:

    Ummmm … animals don’t lie. I use QT on animals in my ‘practice’ all the time with great results. Placebos don’t work with animals. So its not that. So, if not that, then what?

    Energy is real. Electricity is real. Vibration is real. Frequency is real. All affects every cell down to the nano-particles. We use this all the time.

    Again, animals don’t lie.

  96. WantsToBelieve Says:

    I really want to believe in the claims of QT. I do believe there’s something to this CHI energy that has been practiced for so many years.

    QT has some pretty radical claims though, like the ability to “fix” and even move broken bones. Yet why cant I find one single video on this MASSIVE internet that offers ANY proof to support this? I cant find one video (beyond simple magic tricks) ….not to mention all other supernatural claims. Proof? Please? Anyone?

    Please will some practitioner take a video camera and end this debate once and for all.

  97. swarna Says:

    i feel that there are cons in every field so there are people who are using these techniques which are totally dependent on faith if you would call it that and misusing it without really knowing the power that keeps the energy flowing. since there is nothing tangible its easy to do this.

  98. Practitioner Says:

    Quantum Touch all depends on the discipline and inner power of the practitioner. Unlike Reiki(also a practitioner), which is automatic, Quantum Touch requires absolute focus. At the time when I only knew how to use Quantum Touch, I was healing faster than 2 friends who were level 2 Reiki practitioners. It all depends on how a person is affiliated and trained with using energy. As for learning it in one day, I heavily doubt that. Possible with Reiki, but not Quantum Touch.

    As for claims of moving bones and everything, I have not experienced much of that. I know that I’ve moved some neck vertabrae back into place(slightly out of line) doing an hour of Quantum Touch healing on my neck, and I’ve healed a bunch of people already with pains and injuries. I believe it’s a faster method for the seasoned and most disciplined practitioners.

  99. Linda Says:

    It worked on me. Sorry you are still searching. If you actually believed in something you might actually see results. Try to be positive.

  100. Carmie M. A. Says:

    I have known of testimonials that declare healing health, such as cancers, with medical proof that tumours and damaged tissues shrink and disappear.

  101. Zb Says:

    The author of tread is just sad person :/ with middle ages mindset.
    Learn from nature, observe the world and better shut the mouth up 🙂
    I had a virus – western medicine says is no curable – so I have asked Mr Google and cured myself with crab-based natural medicine – extract from some plants.

    Do what works for you and be positive 🙂
    We all are One,

  102. Nomad Says:

    I don’t care what any of you people think really.
    I have abilities in healing that I can’t explain. I’m not even sure how they come about, but I can look at someone, and see what’s wrong. If I touch a person, I get clear mental images of what the ailment is. I’m not a “practitioner” of any of the popular energy healing training out there. I can just do things, and I’m not sure where it comes from.
    I don’t charge money. I don’t even tell people about it. I just do.
    All of you want to put so much doubt in everything out there. Why bother believing in anything?
    The fact of healing someone is, you actually heal yourself. Any “energy healing practitioner” is just giving direction, and maybe the littlest of aid. But, if you are hell-bent on being sick and disbelieving that someone can “help” you, then you are just that. Helpless.
    The world is changing. The planet, the people, the way we live.
    Stop trying so hard to discredit others, it’ll all come out in the wash any way. Put some time into developing yourself and having a positive attitude and outlook

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  105. Eleanor Cerny Says:

    I wonder if all of those who say Quantum Touch is a scam have had a class or at least read all the research that has been done. Maybe it would be a good idea to attend one class and then make your decision. Nothing like seeing it with your own eyes to make an honest decision.

  106. susan dasa Says:

    Tell the person who had a few sessions and no longer has cancer or arthritis or some other chronic disease that $500 is too much $$$ to be free from it.
    They will tell you it is priceless to be free from these diseases. If thousands are seeing their issues go away there must be something to it.
    Even if you go to regular MD’s they will never 100% guarantee you perfect health. No one can. So we are free to choose our paths of healing and if others are so narrow minded they think reality is only what THEY perceive then I say why be bothered by an individual with such limited understanding? Conversing with them will just create negative energy blocking your path to healing. People like that can help no one. Not even themselves. You cannot help them. Why waste your good energy?
    Go to blogs and chats where the persons are more elevated in their understanding and help one another heal. Give those help who want it and have the ability to understand how to see past their own nose.
    With love to all who want to receive it.

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  114. Ann Partin Says:

    I don’t believe in miracles, but I do believe in Energy. Laying on of hands no matter what you call it WORKS! I have seen it over and over. I have also seen burns go away in a matter of minutes by concentrating Energy to the burn. I wouldn’t believe if if I hadn’t of seen it myself. Open your heart and then your mind will open to new possibilities……

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    • devaki dasi Says:

      just idiots who talk like this…not wise…just wise ass. Obviously they have no knowledge or experience and talking out their rear.

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  118. toolbag Says:

    Quantum touch is garbage with the power of creeper. Just ask Serbian drug witches. Reiki and nanotech is the future…now.

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  125. Jazz OZ Hamilton Says:

    Doncha just love how some people create straw men and then tear down the straw man instead of actually digging into the original issue?

  126. pisoloper Says:

    it is said ‘to those who believe, no explanation is necessary. to those who don’t, no explanation is possible’.

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  130. Mckenna Says:

    Energy healers I know practice ethics and don’t suggest a person not see an M.D.. As far as the longevity increase, people began living in better situations and eating better diets also as western medicine grew. When an illness has gone too far, it may take medicine to help the body but it doesn’t cure, the body does. I also believe in 911 if a bone needs repair. However, if our body’s were’nt made so magnificently as to be able to heal itself, any surgery would never work as it’s the body that heals the cuts

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    • Camilly Says:

      Real laying of the hands ministry does not charge! If someone is going to charge you, then they are probably a charlatan.

  135. Eoghan Says:

    Most people on this blog who are skeptics are probably doctors or someone working for the pharmaceutical companies who want to push more drugs and knock alternative medicine because it takes away from their business. If people can’t see that then they are naive. Now with that said I can say that I have seen amazing things with energy work or QT, things in the realm of fantastic. I don’t think anyone would believe it. I’ll tell you a short version of what happened anyway. I saw a person come back to life in an unusual way. I saw unexplainable phenomena with a cat. Something happened that I never thought would be possible.It proved to me that it is for real. And I have seen many other unexplainable things. 5 things to be exact. So the skeptics can come on here and push there pharaceutical drugs and Chemo so they can line there pockets and cash in on some shmuck who uses there drug that is supposed to help them but has the side effect of causing possible internal bleeding,reduced ability to fight infection, liver damage, possible heart failure, frequent urination, headaches, nervousness, itching, skin rashes, blurred vision, stroke, and loss of appetite. But I think I’ll pass on there toxic pharmaceuticals and western medicine. They can knock alternative medicine all they want, that is fine. Because then I will be the only one who knows the real truth. And they can wallow in there narrow minded ignorance. And maybe, just maybe, one day they will be open minded enough to try it, and then it will hit them like a ton of bricks that everything that I said in this blog was true. Wish I could be there to see that.

  136. rosehip oil Says:

    A scar can be silvery, pink or brown in colour and they can range in size
    and severity. For instance, it has been proven to reduce the appearance
    of chicken pox, surgery scars, irregular skin pigmentation, burns, cuts and injuries.
    It absorbs quickly and can help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and is particularly effective in soothing sunburn and reversing damage from the

  137. Annie Says:

    We have the right to choose. And how we feel about our choice has a lot to do with the results.

    An individual may be ill because he/she (hypochondriac) believes he/she is; their symptoms are very real, some of which may require tests to rule out real illness. But, in just the same way, a person can heal him/herself because he/she believes it.

    Young children have improved, even completely healed of illness when they were told to picture their bodies as having little soldiers inside fighting the bad guys (disease/illness) to make them well. They believe!

    Any medicine, any means can aid healing. That is how faith healers work? You MUST have faith in the means you choose. Some call it trust!

  138. Susan Says:

    I have been in long term care for 20 years as a nurse. Other staff along with myself have seen, heard, felt things that most say do not exist. This has been at more than one facility. Actually all of them. There is something more to the human body than what you can see and touch. It doesn’t seem t care if you believe it or not, it is there. I have seen the most stubborn skeptics believe in a few months of working around those who were at the end of this life. I have dealt with many doctors over the years and some continue to call Chiropractic medicine quackery. As we learn more, our known Universe expands. This is not a bad thing.. Some drugs that doctors swore by to start with have been pulled from the market because they were deemed too harmful. Do doctors continue to prescribe them? No. They learn by it.

    I have had a sister pass from cancer and I know western medicine did all it could. I would never suggest it needs to be one or the other. Both should be used in support of the body and mind. There is no all or nothing in illness. What works for one will not work for the other. The power of the mind is exceptional but some dismiss it as placebo effect and return to their small world. Go outside, smile at people and see what just a smile can do. Can that be measured the way naysayers would like?

    If touch were not a staple of human existence, there would not be studies to show what happens when babies are not held. You can see the obvious effects of those deprived of human contact. If touch did nothing then those children should be just as fine as children who were held.

    I know this is an old discussion but to those who want to learn all they can about HT I think it is good to read. You cannot go through life blindly believing something just because someone said so and likewise you cannot just ignore it because someone said to. If you do not believe or are interested then you have nothing to lose except an hour or so to try it. It is much cheaper than a doctor’s bill. I plan to take the classes to become a practitioner. I have seen in real life situation what the power of touch can do. I firmly believe that there is room in this world for both types of practice. As long as something does no harm, gives false hope or promises impossible outcomes, why not try it.

    Any doctor that has practiced long enough will know there are cases that absolutely baffle them. Whether they want to admit it or not. The patient by all evidence should not be alive but there they are. A patient should not be able to walk…but there they are.. A tumor should not be gone but it is. It is a testament to the human body and it’s capabilities.It is okay to admit we don’t know it all. Just accept that there are things that do not fit neatly into a box of ideas you have. To ignore everything just because it doesn’t fit your idea of what medicine is, is like returning to the dark ages. I have always felt the most dangerous doctors were the ones who thought they knew it all.

    Some will not believe no matter how many say it helps. Remember to many the world was once flat.

  139. Susan Says:

    I would like to add for those who do not believe, try for one day to “feel” your world. Not closing your eyes and pretending to be blind. I have met very open minded people who were sight impaired and one older lady told me to go through a day feeling my world around me. Feel the trees and the animals, feel the anger and the joy from myself and others. She said we as humans are far more than the sum of our parts and what we can’t see is “life”. A heart beating, lungs breathing…blood pumping…that is just existing and a machine can do that for us. You can choose to exist or you can choose to live. No matter how long you have in this physical world.

    I hope for anyone put in the position of being told there is no hope, that there is nothing more medicine can do for them, that they will explore alternatives. Your heart may not beat any longer but your quality of life will be much better.

    If someone were standing in front of you with no emotion on their face, no movement in their body, could you tell if they were happy or sad? As a doctor how would you measure that with machines? Would you care as long as the organs are functioning properly? You observe body language and ask how a patient is feeling. You care how they are feeling if you care about helping people.

  140. Susan Says:

    In rebuttal of Micheal up above who had tried energy healing and was not “cured” I have to ask is giving up working for you? Is being anything but positive working for you? Just because some can be healed does not mean all can. It doesn’t mean you are broken in the mind just because your ailment did not go away. It is the nature of the mind and body and some ailments are as resilient as ever. Please do not spin down the drain of self pity. Let the world see your true self. Teach, help, do whatever it is you need to do to feel whole. Too many always look for silver linings and do not realize we ourselves are the silver lining. No one lives forever and some are here longer than others. It is the nature of our world.It is not a punishment….it just is. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. How you deal with it defines who you are.

  141. Saime Says:

    hi everyone, i am 25 yo and i have scoliosis. My degrees are 19 in the upper back and 14 in the lower back. My doctor told me that scoliosis doesn’t heal with wearing brace or swimming or anything. Only solution is surgery for the scoliosis. But i have just heard about the qt and some of you says that it can heal the scoliosis. Is there anyone that can explain how does it works? What does the therapist do your back for healing? Is there a magnetic thing? i am really afraid that qt can make it even worse. i live in Turkey i guess we have the qt here as well. I hope it will really work. Thank you all..

  142. 財布 mcm Says:


    • D Says:

      Hi Saime

      QT involves a practitioner using breathing patterns and body awareness to raise the vibrational frequency in their hands and then placing the hands on the affected area. Through resonance the patient’s body automatically raises its frequency to match this high frequency and in the process healing occurs. Go on youtube and look up Richard Gordon for more detailed info and/or visit quantumtouch.com

      I understand some of the skepticism here however I sense this is largely rooted in fear and ignorance. The irony is that many those who think they are being rational seem to be the most emotional :).

      When I first learned QT I had a ankle injury spontaneously heal on the first day of a 2-day workshop just through learning how to sweep the energy through my body. Since then I have used QT to help people with headaches, backaches and sciatica to name a few. I’ve even done some distance healing successfully. The funniest thing is watching people’s faces as they try to describe the sensations of the energy work taking place. QT is not like anything I’ve ever experienced.

      Two years ago my mother had pain in her ear after an accident. Her doctor had examined it several times and prescribed various drugs. The decision was made to operate on the ear because although some sort of blockage could be seen the exact cause of it was unknown.

      I did two sessions of QT on my mother (who is very skeptical of energy healing) and it cleared the problem completely. When she attended the hospital appointment they were unable to understand how the problem had been resolved.

      I think these arts are just lost arts we are rediscovering and while my ability to explain them is limited, the fact is they work. There are hospitals that are
      now using Reiki and QT for pain control and I think in due course we will see a more integrated approach to healthcare. After all western medicine and energy healing are not mutually exclusive – at least not in my mind.

      • Saime Says:

        Thank you very much. i bought the book to apply QT by myself but i couldn’t achieve it yet. i hope it works.

      • D Says:

        I did the same, I found working with a partner really accelerated the learning process. Good luck 🙂

      • fatema Says:

        Can you help me by doing some distance healing for me ? I have numbness in my left leg and in my seat area due to nerve compression caused by prolapsed discs between L1 and S1. Also I am currently diagnosed with Stage IV pancreatic cancer. have finished 2 cycles of chemo and now there is a new peripancreatic lesion. So if you can help me I would be very grateful.

      • Gary D'Acci Says:

        @ Fatema…I will be glad to help. One of the great things about quantum healing is that because we don’t manipulate the body physically the worst thing that can happen is you’re no better than when we started. In the case of distant healing even the physical touch is absent. So if you would like to attempt distant healing please contact me at gdacci_2000@yahoo.com.

      • complicatedddd Says:

        hi fatema, i don’t know if you ask help for me or D but i am sorry i can’t help you because i don’t know how to do that and i couldn’t solve my own problem either. if you want to try quantum touch you can buy the book and learn how to do it or maybe someone else can learn and apply for you. sorry about your health conditions, i hope you will get better soon.

  143. Fritz miller Says:

    As a physician I have had great success using pharmaceuticals. They are helpful in many situations. As a quantum touch practitioner I have straightened out bones, relieved headaches, back pain, lowered cholesterol, unfrozen shoulders, reduced gout pain,
    Lets celebrate both modalities they can be both very useful.
    Simply by applying quantum touch we can change the taste of wine, water, tea,and other beverages. That is not a placebo effect.

  144. Pet Clothes for Small Dogs Says:

    Quantum Touch | Crap-Based Medicine

    […]Wow, amazing blog layout! How long have you been blogging for?[…]

  145. blowme Says:

    Quantumbama. MUSLIM CAMEL SH|T.

  146. garyd4324 Says:

    First and foremost…you never try to heal someone until they have seen a physician. Even if someone sprains an ankle you should send them right off to see a doctor so they can check on what has occurred through testing. My sister was diagnosed with a degenerative cervical spine. She had severe pain when turning her neck. The doctor prescribed Tylenol. I ran energy 2 days a week for a month. The last day I ran energy she went off to a Tupperware party in the evening and when she left (being the klutz that she is) she tripped over the threshold, fell down the stairs was knocked unconscious and had a gash in her head and was bleeding profusely. Her daughter called me and asked what she should do. I told her to call an ambulance and get her to a hospital. If you bang your head and lose consciousness you need medical attention. They kept her in the hospital for 3 days running tests (after they stitched up the gash in her head in the E.R.). A quick run down…she had a cut on her forehead, a concussion, a hemotoma on her thigh and the muscles in her back were either sprained or pulled. When the doctor came in with the test results my sister told him that she was concerned about her cervical spine because of the impact on a degenerative spine. The doctor told her that her cervical spine was absolutely normal and that no degeneration was taking place. When she came home she called me up and told me the story and asked me to come over because her leg and back were causing her severe pain. I went over ran energy on the hemotoma and it shrunk right down and the pain stopped and then I ran energy into her back and the pain was gone within 20 minutes. I repeat again…you never try and heal someone until they have seen a physician. You work in conjunction with the doctor not against the doctor. In one of the comments someone mention this 11 year old that proved nothing. She proved that a person running energy can’t feel the patients energy. Ya, so. I never can feel the persons energy. I can feel mine but it takes a while and maybe all I’m feeling is the fact that my palm, which is radiating 98.6 degrees, is making the persons skin warm. It doesn’t matter. What matters is…1. All I do is breath, use a light touch (no pressure at all) and feel deep affection for the person. 2. There’s no way I can injure this person by breathing. Can the person be affected psychologically? Maybe but I doubt it unless the problem itself is psycho somatic. Do you realize that acupuncture is considered by most doctors as main stream? Do you know why? Because it works for most people. Yes, I said most people. You do understand that penicillin doesn’t work on everyone. Some people can actually die from it. There is no drug on the market that can be used by everyone. Actually here’s a fact most of your doctor friends don’t want you to know. 98% of all the drugs sold on the market don’t cure anything. They simply mask the symptoms. I use this because it works for most people.

  147. mouth Says:

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  148. ipek Says:

    You can be a very logical, skeptical person. You might be someone who gives a lot of importance to science. These are all normal and actually necessary traits at this century but being someone like that does not mean you need to deny everything that cannot be proved by science. We are living in a big, complicated universe and it is sure that there are lots of things we haven’t discovered and cannot understand yet. So I understand the concerns about these alternative methods that people tend to believe without questioning. BUT to reject anything that does not sound scientific, is as absurd as to believe everything you hear.

    There is no need to argue this much sharply. It is simple. If you have a little bit time and money and have a problem you cannot solve with western medicine, you just make a research, find someone looks capable and honest about this kind of methods and just GIVE IT A TRY. You might get healed or at worst, you stay the same! Lets talk about scoliosis for instance. Because of rejecting quantum touch’s benefits on scoliosis, you might live with a curve in your all life or you might just try 2-3 sessions and maybe have a healed, normal spine. I am sorry but even if it looks like magic or stupid, it is worth a try obviously.

  149. Clifford Jacobson, MD Says:

    I like “Quantum Rip Off.”

  150. ipek Says:

    Yeah sure, let’s narrow down our imagination, ignore the cases on the international, formal web site (including scoliosis) and get stuck in the methods we know only:)

  151. download games for ps3 Says:

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    Quantum Touch | Crap-Based Medicine

  152. Priscilla Says:

    Because a technique that has been proved and repeated by multiple people in double blind clinical studies and have been reproduced by multiple medical professionals is not scientific enough for you apparently. Smh

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