Snake Oil is NOT Quackery!!!


It is good to have me back, once again gracing the pages of this auspicious peer-reviewed blog.  Enough chit-chat, I must get back to servicing humanity. So follow your doctor’s orders and visit this website singing the praises of our most modern-day Snake Oil Salesman.   And If I might remind you, he recommends his treatments for autism. And as he will educate you … snake oil is NOT quackery!!  So back up skeptics, sit down, and close your mouths … forever.


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6 Responses to “Snake Oil is NOT Quackery!!!”

  1. Steve Freund Says:

    “Putting Nutrition First,” was a big hit with its readers…

    Isn’t that like saying “Those who liked his column enough to read it were the ones who read it”?

  2. The Rogues Gallery » Blog Archive » Crap-Based Medicine Says:

    […] Dean is now retired, I want to dedicate Sunday nights to linking to the latest from CBM. In fact, there is a new post up there right now for your reading […]

  3. GimpyEstrada Says:

    Oh sure, but you’ve got to manually milk the pesky little snakes over and over again. Eventually the snakes go blind and you have to get new snakes. Then PETA gets involved…

  4. M.H. Says:

    How can I remove my replies and email address from this blog?

  5. Tara Says:

    Oh wow – I didn’t know the snakes would go blind.

  6. Andrew Sander Says:

    What if I could show you studies proving this nutritional supplement is better than pharmaceuticals for many, many people? Well, I can.

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