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Homeopathy Never Looked So Good

February 13, 2011

To argue against the clinical evidence of homeopathy is laughable.  MU HA HA ha ha ha HA HA!! 

Just ask homeopathy’s most eloquent, cogent, and brightest voice of reason – BANDERSHOT!  He is homeopathy’s de-facto leader via the internet – and homeopathy never looked so good!


Snake Oil is NOT Quackery!!!

February 7, 2011

It is good to have me back, once again gracing the pages of this auspicious peer-reviewed blog.  Enough chit-chat, I must get back to servicing humanity. So follow your doctor’s orders and visit this website singing the praises of our most modern-day Snake Oil Salesman.   And If I might remind you, he recommends his treatments for autism. And as he will educate you … snake oil is NOT quackery!!  So back up skeptics, sit down, and close your mouths … forever.

Bump Bump … Bump Bump …

February 7, 2011

A heartbeat? Is it possible this blog might be coming back to life?


March 13, 2008

All you need pounded into your thick skull is this:  “Phrenology is a true science, which is there to benefit humanity.” (click here)

Please Participate In This Trial

March 4, 2008

I am conducting an official, scientifically verifiable, and undoubtedly, brilliant study.  Click on this site, enter your symptoms, view the results, and report back on your findings so that I can incorporate the data into the study. 

My Cup Doth Runneth Over

February 25, 2008

Eureka! and congratulations are in order, as I have discovered a new panacea, as I am busily crafting my latest treatise, I have temporarily entitled it ‘One Girl, One Cup’. Catchy title, dont you think?

Light Eating

February 19, 2008

So many have said to me “Good Doctor Sir, recommend the best diet.”  My decades of reserach into nutrition has yielded The Perfect Diet

The Doctor Is ‘In’

February 14, 2008

Many thanks to the cheeky lass that has developed the perfect home for a blog of my quality and station.

Now I shall inject that grey, oozy organ between your ears with my warm pearls of wisdom – Read this fine treatise on the benefits of coffee enemas.